ISBN: 207052907X
ISBN 13: 9782070529070
By: Marguerite Duras

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About this book

L'amour est enfant de bohème... La poésie et la musique lui vont comme un gant : Nouveau, Marbeuf, Labbé, Ronsard, Verlaine, Aragon. Chopin, Franck, Mahler, Schubert, Brahms, Mozart. Ou comment parler d'amour.

Reader's Thoughts


I think that this may be an interesting exercise in prose; however, not having read Duras's earlier works, from which this slim volume distills its characters and scenes, I don't believe that I am in a good position to appreciate what Duras is doing here. This did pique my interest enough to make me want to pick up these earlier books. Once I read those, I'll re-visit this one.

Linda Mccoy

I really didn't know how to rate this book, so I gave it 3 stars. As one in a series, it might have been more understandable if read with the others. At any rate, as a First Reads winner, it was good to read something completely different if somewhat odd.

César Valenzuela

En “El amor”, novela de Marguerite Duras hay tres personajes principales: un hombre, vigilante, que camina siguiendo la orilla de la mar con el paso regular de los prisioneros; una mujer embarazada, enojada contra Dios; y un viajero, nombrado así a causa de la lentitud de su paso y del extravío de sus ojos.Un lugar domina su imaginación y, al parecer, su voluntad: S. Thala, sitio que parece encerrar a sus habitantes, -cuya música hace llorar-, lugar de donde parece provenir un ruido indescifrable que la estremece. En el texto de Duras se detiene la luz, el aire. Todo está devastado, ha habido una explosión, un casino bombardeado, luego habrá un incendio, y un incendiario. Personajes que buscan desprenderse de lo que han tenido, que luego se quedan sin nada, se acompañan, buscan acabar con todo; son fugitivos, prisioneros, locos, que en “El amor” nos ofrecen una experiencia poética más que narrativa. Es difícil seguir los hechos; la atmósfera emocional se impone a la historia, que sólo aparece sugerida. La experiencia es triste, desoladora, confusa, quizá como el amor mismo.


Este libro es corto, no entendí completamente ese viaje al pasado del protagonista sin nombre, pero si sentí (porque no leí los otros dos libros), y mucho. El libro es toda una experiencia, su narración es impecable, te inmiscuye y te hace sentir más que entender.

Chad Post

Never before translated into English (at AWP I got a draft translation), this is the semi-surreal sequel to The Ravishing of Lol V. Stein, one of Duras's great masterpieces. This is a sparse, poetic book, with most of the "normal" elements of the novel having been stripped away. It almost feels like a French movie, with "Her" (Lol Stein) sleeping on the beach of S. Thala, "imprisoned" in a sort of mental home seventeen years after the events of the earlier book, and "Him" watching over her, with the "Traveler" (Michael Richardson) come back to see Her and commit suicide. It's a really lovely book, evocative, elusive, and provocative. Definitely deserves to be made available to English readers. (More on that soon.)


Margareth Duras is a long poem, in different books with different verses. با نام دوراس "سوزان سونتاگ"، و با نام سونتاگ، "مارگریت دوراس" تداعی می شود. تصور می کنم دوراس را هر زنی باید بخواند، و البته هر مردی هم. دوراس "سیمون دو بوار"ی دیگر است، با همان بی پروایی، جسارت و صلابت، اما زنانه و ظریف. برای خواندن و فهمیدن دوراس، باید حوصله و دقت داشت، همان اندازه که برای خواندن ویرجینیا وولف. بسیاری از آثار مارگریت دوراس به همت قاسم رویین به فارسی برگردانده شده. "تابستان 80"، "بحر مکتوب"، "درد"، "نایب کنسول"، "نوشتن"، "همین و تمام"، "باغ گذر"، "باران تابستان"، "عاشق" و البته یکی از شاهکارهایش "مدراتو کانتابیله" توسط رضا سیدحسینی ترجمه شده و "می گوید؛ ویران کن" را خانم فریده زندیه به فارسی برگردانده است. تا آنجا که یادم هست، "هیروشیما، عشق من" نیز سال ها پیش و احتمالن توسط "هوشنگ طاهری" به فارسی ترجمه شده. کتابی که دیگر هیچ خطی از آن به یادم نمانده با این نام، صحنه های فیلم "آلن رنه" با بازی "امانوئل ورا" در خاطرم زنده می شود، فیلمی که در 1959 بر مبنای این رمان کوتاه دوراس، ساخته شده است.

Shekoufeh homami

خواندنش سخته با توجه به حجم کمش نتونستم زود تمومش کنم

Mary Jo Zilveti

Etéreo. Foi o que ouvi quando da primeira vez que me relataram sobre esse livro durante uma aula de literatura.


Obsessively circling, I quite enjoy Duras when she's at her most circular. There's a sparseness here that is utterly confusing at times, intentionally so (though I must admit that after finishing the book I watched the film it channeled itself into, Woman of the Ganges, which certainly helps to illuminate narrative--I'm even tempted to say that this is an instance where I actually prefer the film over the book, if only for the apocalyptic landscapes that haunt the film, and the voice-over, absent from the book, layered over the transposed narrative, is evocative in a hyper-oneiric fashion).I will also admit that, while The Vice Consul is one of my favorite of Duras's books, I haven't read The Ravishing of Lol V Stein, so I will perhaps need to revisit this when I have the larger structural narrative in place.


Un libro corto y, sin embargo, algo complejo. A grosso modo, es el momento en que tres personajes se encuentran en una isla (una mujer, un viajero y un caminante). Realmente no logré descifrar en qué punto el amor es el tema principal del libro, si bien el viajero y la mujer tienen una historia relativa a esto -aunque decir "historia" me parece demasiado pretencioso, ya que en realidad se puede armar toda clase de trama por cuenta propia con los escasos diálogos presentes-. Hacia la mitad del libro logró atraparme sólo lo suficiente para terminarlo pero no sació mi curiosidad, ni me dio algo distinto en qué pensar.Quizá esté frente a algo trascendental. Desafortunadamente, no lo percibí como tal.

David Jeffers

Can't wait to finish tough read though

Peter McCambridge

Unbelievably French.


I received this book as a goodreads giveaway some time ago. I thought the plot was refreshing. The author did not weigh it down with useless information and the character development was illustrated through imagery instead of long descriptions. However, I found that sometimes the wording was too sparse and I was confused about what exactly was happening. In a way it felt like a dream where you can't explain everything that's happening and not all the information is there. Overall the book was very whimsical and entrancing, but I wouldn't recommend it for everyone.

Sheila Tejada

Cuando lea los primeros libros, de los cuales no conocia su existencia, podre opinar.


Perpétuels errements... Une histoire obscures et des faits sous-jacents. A lire plusieurs fois, à moins d'en posséder les clés.

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