Latin American Fashion Reader

ISBN: 1859738931
ISBN 13: 9781859738931
By: Regina A. Root

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About this book

From the tango-inspired dress of Argentina and guerilla chic in downtown Buenos Aires to swimwear on Copacabana Beach and the rainbow that adorns Mayan women, Latin America has long been a source of inspiration for designers throughout the world. This book is a long overdue assessment of Latin America's influence on fashion. The authors examine the significance of textiles and dress to Latin American culture and the reasons behind it--from fashion history to popular culture and the (re)making of traditional garments, such as the poncho, the guayabera and maguey cactus fiber sandals. It also considers its global impact, visible in chains and mass-produced fashions, and the international worship of fashion icons such as Frida Kahlo and Eva PerĂ³n.

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