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ISBN: 0976694042
ISBN 13: 9780976694045
By: Chris Pine

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About this book

It's now easier to learn to write your own computer software than it has ever been before. Now everyone can learn to write programs for themselves--no previous experience is necessary. Chris Pine takes a thorough, but light-hearted approach that teaches you how to program with a minimum of fuss or bother. Starting with small, simple one-line programs to calculate your age in seconds, you'll see how to have your webpage send you email, to shuffle your music more intelligently, to rename your photos from your digital camera, and more. You'll learn the same technology used to drive modern dynamic websites and large, professional applications.

Reader's Thoughts


Solid introduction to Ruby.


Verme ahora leyendo este libro explicar��a lo mal que me va con mi proyecto fin de carrera, claro. Si tras 4 a��os en Ingenier��a Inform��tica a��n necesito leer eso, tengo definitivamente serios problemas. Todo parti�� de un pedido que iba a hacer a Amazon.com. Estaba echando un vistazo al cat��logo de The Pragmatic Bookshelf, que son unos libros muy chulos de programaci��n, y me detuve en ��ste (en gran parte porque sal��a fruta en la portada). Le�� la descripci��n y me llam�� la atenci��n la parte en la que hablaba del autor:"Chris Pine first discovered the programming language Ruby in early 2001 and immediately began using it to build tools for his day job: programming computer games. After hours, he volunteered with gifted children teaching them advanced mathematics. With Ruby, he began to teach his students programming as well. Once he saw how easily his students learned advanced programming concepts in this environment, he decided to expand his teaching materials into a book.Chris enjoys board games and juggling, and lives with his darling wife and two darling children in darling Oslo, Norway. He is very happy."Eran unos 12��� al cambio as�� que me dije, "venga, va". En cuanto me lleg�� el paquete, empec�� a leerlo como si se tratase de una novela. Me ha parecido el libro t��cnico m��s adorable jam��s escrito, si es que los t��rminos "t��cnico" y "adorable" son muy compatibles. No he aprendido nada con ��l, eso es cierto, vamos, unas nociones de Ruby que con cualquier tutorial habr��a adquirido en much��simo menos tiempo. Pero aparte de eso, me ha gustado much��simo leerlo. Si no estuviera en ingl��s, se lo pasar��a a mi madre, para que al menos se hiciera una idea de a lo que me dedico. Es un libro lleno de humor y de amabilidad que te hace mantener una sonrisa mientras aprendes lo que es la recursividad o las cadenas de caracteres. Incluso si no tiene nada que ense��arte, es muy agradable de leer. No s��, supongo que un fil��sofo puede disfrutar leyendo El mundo de Sof��a, a pesar de que no vaya a aprender nada nuevo, s��lo por el hecho de que es un gran libro. Es la comparaci��n m��s f��cil que se me ocurre.Claro, si hay alguien con ganas de aprender a programar o de tener al menos una idea de lo que es, definitivamente ��ste es el libro. Ojal�� yo hubiese tenido algo as�� cuando empec��.


I wish I had read this earlier in my career. Absolutely recommended for anyone getting started with programming or anyone who thinks maybe they could be - you won't be intimidated by this book. It truly is for beginners and it lays an excellent foundation to build on.

Ridha Danjanny

bagus nih, buat yang mau learn to code dari nol pakai ruby :)

Seth Crosby

Great book. If you are remotely interested in computer programming-read it.

Jaret Manuel

Awesome introductory book to Ruby.

Mike Riess

The best tutorial- print or electronic- I've found for beginning coders. Clear explanations for those without a tech background and practical application of ideas with exercises that include 'how you could do it' and 'how I [the author] would do it' that demonstrate better/best practices. The book is humorous, entertaining, and engaging such that it never overwhelmed me as a student. Not only does the book cover the basic science of code, it also gives the reader a sense of how code can be beautiful, unique, and expressive. The best starting point for beginners looking to learn code and be inspired by the craft.For more: http://wannabetechies.tumblr.com/post...

Rich Fuller

Great intro book to programming in general with a Ruby focus. I loved the author's tone and writing style. Chapter 9/10 seemed to take a pretty big jump and I found myself struggling to understand the concepts though. Overall great intro book, gets you writing some code and feeling the sense of excitement at making some things happen with programming.


awesome book, though would have been much improved if the author had made example solutions available from somewhere


It never occurred to me that a book on programming for beginners could be as approachable and engaging as this one is. Its one of the first two textbooks we use at Ada Developers Academy. Highly recommended.


I *ahem* know the person who wrote this, so... just so you know. But I think it's a great book, and I know how much time, thought, and effort he put into it. I served as a guinea pig of sorts through all the drafts and earlier versions. I was a non-programmer to begin with, and Chris actually tried to teach me to program a couple of other times before he started writing the book. The book worked! I don't program by myself these days, but I got enough understanding from the book to be able to listen to Chris tell programming stories :).

Nate Tate

A fun introduction to programming with ruby. The book offers clear and concise explanations sprinkled with good humor.


best into to Ruby for the non programmer

Enrique Sánchez

Nice and fun introduction to the basics of programming and Ruby. That being said, you're gonna need more than this book to start writing real programs.


my husband got me this one. I must say, I kinda asked for it too.curious, if I'll understand annnything.

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