Learning to Sail: The Annapolis Sailing School Guide for Youlearning to Sail: The Annapolis Sailing School Guide for Young Sailors of All Ages Ng Sailors of All Ages

ISBN: 0070240140
ISBN 13: 9780070240148
By: Diane Goodman Joan Machenchick

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About this book

This book is about learning to sail. It follows the techniques perfected at the world-famous Annapolis Sailing School, where thousands of people just like you have learned to take tiller in hand and harness the wind. You'll learn your way around a boat--what its parts are called, what they do, and how to use them to ride the wind wherever you want to go. Read this book, spend some time on a boat, and practice your new skills, and pretty soon you'll "be" a sailor, one of a select group of people who think there's nothing finer than hiking out to windward in a close-hauled dinghy--racing against friends or a neighboring sailing club, or alone and just for the fun of it.

Reader's Thoughts

Stuck on Lou

I think this is a fine book, and not just because it was written by my dad. No, my dad is not Diane Goodman. Ian Brodie co-authored this book, and don't you forget it!


Easy to read, you can finish it in a couple of hours. Very clearly written with decent illustrations. Great for beginners!

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