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The great anthology of short novels by the masters of modern fantasy.Robert Jordan relates crucial events in the years leading up to The Wheel of Time in "New Spring."Ursula K. Le Guin adds a sequel to her famous books of Earthsea, portraying a woman who wants to learn magic, in "Dragonfly."Tad Williams tells a dark and enthralling story of a haunted castle in the age before Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn, in "The Burning Man."Terry Pratchett relates an amusing incident in Discworld, of a magical contest and the witch Granny Weatherwax, in "The Sea and Little Fishes."Third volume of the three volume mass market reprint of the first Legends anthology

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I didn't like one of the stories as much as the other three but I really enjoy these anthologies! For my full review, click here.


I started out NOT wanting to read this book because I thought it was science fiction and I'm no longer as thrilled with sci-fi as I once was. However, my son pointed out that it was fantasy, not science fiction. So, today I set out to read it...and finished it. Four novellas by four of the leading fantasy authors of our day, I found the stories engrossing and interesting. I had already read "Wheel of Time: New Spring", by Robert Jordan, but enjoyed re-reading it. I've never read much of Ursula K. Le Guin, even though she is a homegrown author. I found "Earthsea: Dragonfly" to be very enthralling and entertaining. I have never read anything by Tad Williams before and liked his story, "Memory, Sorrow and Thorn: The Burning Man". I have read almost every Discworld novel by Terry Pratchett. Therefore, I really enjoyed Pratchett's novella, Discworld: The Sea and Little Fishes", featuring Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg. So, if you happen across this book, buy it or check it out from your public library. It's worth reading.


Trouble began, and not for the first time, with an apple."The trouble with being a witch - at least, the trouble with being a witch as far as some people were concerned - was that you got stuck out here in the country. But that was fine by Nanny. Everything she wanted was out there. Everything she'd ever wanted was here, although in her youth she'd run out of men a few times. Foreign parts were all righ to visit but they weren't really serious. They had interestin' new drinks and the grub was fun, but foreign parts was where you went to do what might need to be done and then you came back here, a place that was real."[letto solo "The sea and the Little Fishes" di Terry Pratchett]

Tom Mueller

Novellas which fit existing series of works by well known authors. Some are placed chronoligicaly within work previously done, some are prequels.Robert Jordan, added to "The Wheel of Time".Ursula LeGuin adds to her Earthsea series; my favorite in the "Legends" series of three (and counting).Tad Williams, with a prequel to Memory, Sorrow and Thorn.Terry Pratchett adds to his "Discworld" saga.


"The Burning Man" by Tad Williams: 4 Stars. Different style than the Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn novels, but it turned out interesting and a good quick read nonetheless. A sad but maybe a little bittersweet ending.


a synapsis of their sereies, and a short exert of the stories to wet your appitate for a new story.. First chapter has most of the beginning word for word of robert jordan's new spring

David Melbie

I actually read this one first, probably because I saw Terry Pratchett's name on the cover. This was one of the most important books that I read years ago that sparked my interest in some authors that I was not aware of. I had been out of te fantasy loop for quite a few years. I am from the Tolkien, McCaffrey, Brooks, Donaldson era, and I was out fo touch. This book and the second volume, as well as the Legends II books of the last decade are essential if you want to jump into fantasy but do not know where to start. Start with vol. 1! What follows are my brief reviews of the stories in this volume:My first taste of Robert Jordan with his new story of events in the years leading up to The Wheel of Time in "New Spring." Then I talked to a book store employee about the WOT series and he told me that I need to get started. I did. Today (December 24, 2010) I found "Book Twelve: The Gathering Storm." I was totally blown away because I thought the series would not continue after Jordan's death in 2007. I cannot wait to dive into it!!!Ursula K. Le Guin contributes a new Earthsea tale, "Dragonfly." Le Guin is another author that I have always been a big fan of, so I was happy to read this new story. It is great!Tad Williams is represented with a tale of a haunted castle in the age before Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn, in "The Burning Man." I still need to get into Williams. So little time, so many books!!By the time that I read this new Terry Pratchett Discworld tale, I had already become a fan of Granny Weatherwax. In "The Sea and Little Fishes" the sardonic witch is in full swing!

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