Let Nothing Disturb You: A Journey to the Center of the Soul with Teresa of Avila (30 Days with a Great Spiritual Teacher)

ISBN: 087793570X
ISBN 13: 9780877935704
By: Teresa of Ávila John J. Kirvan

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Reader's Thoughts

Donald Linnemeyer

I like the structure of this book for a daily devotional. Its divided into 30 small sections, one for each day. Each day starts with a prayer-poem for you to begin the day with; then you get a 1-2 line sentence to repeat throughout the day, followed by another prayer-poem for evening. Really convenient.My only complaint is that the prayer-poems make for bad poetry. I don't know if they were originally poems in Teresa's writing, but in this english form, they don't feel right.That being said, it's Teresa of Avila, so the content is great. Here's one of the sections, day seventeen:MY DAY BEGINSHow is it, O God,that even when we are determined to love you,we do not rise immediatelyto the perfect love that is our goal?It is because while we thinkwe are surrendering all to God,we are in fact giving uponly the profits of our endeavors,the extras,what is left over from our daily needs.We keep ownership of the land itself.We resolve to become poor,and it is a great thing to do.But we take great care never to be in want,not just of what is necessary,but of what is superfluous.We give up our search for honor.But the moment our honor is in danger,we forget that we have given it to God.We would take back our gift,snatching it, as it were,from the hands of the one to home we claimto have surrendered our will.So it is in so many things.In everythingwe look for pleasant ways of serving God.And because we do not give up ourselveswholly and at once,so the treasure of God's gifts to usare not given at once.Heavenly Father,even as we measure out our lives to youa bit at a time,we must be contentto receive your gifts drop by drop,until we have surrendered our lives wholly to you.ALL THROUGH THE DAYPatience gains all things.MY DAY IS ENDINGLet nothing, O Lord,disturb the silence of this night.Let nothing make me afraid.Let my fears give wayto quiet rest,and my timidity to generosity of heart.As much as I say thatI wish to give myself wholly to you,the truth isthat I measure out the gift of my lifea drop at a time,hoping however vainlyto find some pleasant, easy,less than wholehearted wayof coming to know, love, and serve you.I keep taking back the gift I offer.Replace, I pray you, my stinginess of heartwith a reflection of your generosity.You will reward my every gift,no matter how small,with the unlimited gift of yourself.And if I have you, God, I will want for nothing.You alone suffice.

Jan Kristensson



Loved this book. It is one that can be used over and over again. I will place it with my resource library for spiritual direction, and recommend to others.


This book is from the series "30 Days with a Great Spiritual Teacher." Reading a section per day with an emphasis on a theme was a helpful way to wrap up the day--the goal is to read in the morning, to think about a simple phrase presented throughout the day, and then to reflect on that phrase in the evening.


I love the works of Teresa of Avila. This is a very helpful format to use as a daily meditation. Looking forward to trying others is this series

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