Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address in Translation

ISBN: 0844400181
ISBN 13: 9780844400181
By: Abraham Lincoln Roy P. Basler

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About this book

The words of President Abraham Lincoln in the Gettysburg Address are as relevant and meaningful today as they were in 1863. This magnificent book is a stunning exploration of some of the most powerful words ever spoken in American history.

Reader's Thoughts


In reading Lincoln's second Inaugural address, I couldn't help but feel hope for the citizens at that time and for us today. I felt reassurance in Lincoln's words: "the Almighty has his own purposes." And the feeling he conveys that God is the one who is ultimately in charge of what goes on in this world, no matter how out of control we feel it is getting. Althought it is hard we do need to follow Lincoln's council (as citizens of one of the wealthiest nations) and help those who "have borne the battle."

Jill Brown

The only text in the book is Abraham Lincoln's speech. Every page is a few lines from his speech and illustrated to reflect what he was saying. There is an author's foreward to explain the history of it or importance of it.

Angie Mills

The pictures really fit the tone of the speech and show children some of the history behind what was happening at that time. I think this book would be a great one to read when students study the Civil War and have to memorize the Gettysburg Address. It would give visual learners something to help them remember the different parts of the speech.

Kristen Leininger

Picture Book: Amazing illustrations that aid in understanding the Gettysburg Address.

John Yelverton

Probably the greatest political speech over made at exactly the moment it needed to be made.


What can you say about arguably the greatest speech ever written? I cannot do it justice but I will write a review just the same.It is needless for me to introduce Abraham Lincoln; if you don't already know who he is I doubt you would be reading this review. All I can say is that he was, beyond all doubt, one of the greatest US Presidents who lead his country through one of their greatest trials; civil war.During the civil war there was a very famous battle which turned the tide of the war: Gettysburg. Union forces claimed victory and routed the southern Confederate Army. Heavy losses were suffered on both sides but it was the beginning of the end for the south. Months after the battle finished President Lincoln made this speech at Gettysburg, in which he commemorates the memory of the brave men who fought and died. He also reminded his audience that they gave all for the cause of liberty.The speech is very brief, it only took Lincoln two minutes to read, but it is a powerful, touching and meaningful master class in oration. I am certain I will re-read it many times. The book is free to download which is great.My only tiny criticism is more with the 'book' than the speech. There is no introduction, preamble or back ground information at all. The book just literally contains the speech which takes less than a minute to read to yourself. I feel a brief introduction explaining what happened at Gettysburg and why the speech was so important would have been a very nice touch and would certainly have earned the book five stars


While we all, of course, applaud the sentiments, the speech is significantly shorter than I had supposed. I guess it adds punch to say a thing in fewer words. I am surprised by the emphasis on the dead and their contribution - in popular depiction, the Gettysburg Address focuses more on the living and what they can do, than the dead and what they can no longer do.


What can you say? It's the Gettysburg Address.

Susan Alvarado

Something every American should read at least once in their life. Completely moving, especially in the times we live in today. We could all take a chapter out of Lincoln's book


The Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln was a short story with big meaning! This book was about slavery and civil war. In this book I enjoyed the pictures. My favorite picture was of Abraham Lincoln saying The Gettysburg Address. I learned a lot from this book about slavery.

Etta Mcquade

The black and white drawings by Michael McCurdy are memorable, as, of course, is the text.

Lisa A.

If asked what great Americans past or present I would like to meet, Abraham Lincoln would definitely be in the top 10. His eloquent words stir the mind and the soul. They not only acknowledge the terrible state of our country during the Civil War but also give hope about what our country could become. It's been said that he wrote the Gettysburg Address while suffering from scarlet fever, if so he did an amazing job of overcoming his own pain and suffering to bring hope to our nation.


I read the speech, and its slight variances, here: needs be said of this speech or the significance of it to the history of the United States. It is honest, hopeful, and forward thinking. And short.


Some of the best speeches ever are super super short. Modern politicians could learn something from it.


Of the handful of political speeches that I value, this is one.

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