Literary Giants, Literary Catholics

ISBN: 1586170775
ISBN 13: 9781586170776
By: Joseph Pearce

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Reader's Thoughts


Pearce is a literary scholar specializing in British authors (which makes sense, since he's British). The primary focus of this text was British authors who were also Catholics, and whose religion influenced what and how they wrote. Tolkien and Lewis (as well as the other Inklings) are covered, as are Chesterton and Belloc (as well as their friends). This book was valuable in giving me a wide range of authors and titles that I now want to look into; however, Pearce's essays in the last two sections of the book left a little to be desired. The Tolkien essays were interesting, but as they were often essays he had written for other publications, they tended to be repetitive. The final section was a disperse conglomerate of authors, ranging from Shakespeare to Oscar Wilde to (yes) Paul McCartney. The themes were a bit too far-flung to make for coherent reading. The first two sections were well-worth the time and if the final two had been of this caliber, the book would have received a higher rating.

Horacio Carreno

Pretty baller book.

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