Literature and the Writing Process

ISBN: 0132248026
ISBN 13: 9780132248020
By: Elizabeth McMahan Robert Funk Susan X. Day

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Reader's Thoughts

Cassie ♥

Used this when I went back for my masters. It was invaluable.


As with a lot of textbooks, again, there was good mixed with some odd choices. The short story section functioned pretty well, though "The Yellow Wallpaper" would have been a good addition. The poetry section was somewhat wildly uneven. A lot of poems that are fairly crucial were missing, Plath's "Daddy" being the obvious oversight, along Gluck's "Gretel in Darkness" and possibly Ginsberg's "Howl," but plenty of others as well. The drama section, as is usual due to length in a mixed textbook, was fairly limited. Antigone still puzzles me in place of Oedipus Rex since the reader needs to be familiar with that play's plotline for Antigone to make any sense at all. Othello is a good play, obviously, but some discussion in the text of the problems in the racial overtones of the play would be helpful (particularly as I could find only one film version available in which the lead character isn't played by a white man in blackface). Overall, it had some excellent parts to it, but it needs some work in the poetry section in particular.Also, one odd thing. Several of my students along with me experienced the book starting to fall apart over the course of the semester, all of them around the point of "The Chrysanthemums." That seems like too much of a coincidence, and considering the fee for this book, bad craftsmanship really isn't acceptable.

Ken Moten

One of the better English texts books I've managed to get a hold of over my academic life. This book, though dull in appearence is really good. Not only does it have a superb collection of literature that I will be reading now that I have this from my storage but it also teaches you not only how to write literary works (if you are so inclined) but how to REVIEW them. So I will definitely be re-reading up on this book now that I am on Goodreads. If you see this book don't hesitate to peak through it and see if it is something you would be interested in.

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