Little Chicken & Little Fox

ISBN: 0698400445
ISBN 13: 9780698400443
By: Brigitte Sidjanski Sarah Burg Kathryn Bishop

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About this book

Little Chicken is all ready for bed, when suddenly there's a knock at the door. It's Little Fox, freezing in the cold. The other chickens know they aren't supposed to let anyone in. But Little Chicken feels bad, so she sneaks out to find him a warm place. The two become instant friends, and search together for Little Fox's parents. All the other animals along the way seem to know something Little Chicken doesn't--foxes eat chickens. But when the two new friends find who they're looking for, Little Fox's parents realize that a good friend is more important than a good meal. Brigitte Sidjanski's story is full of heart and humor, brought to life by Sarah Emmanuelle Burg's charming illustrations. About the Authors: Brigitte Sidjanski lives in Switerland. Sarah Emmanuelle Burg lives in France.

Reader's Thoughts


Super cute. Reminded me of Disney's The Fox and the Hound....

Tasneem Zafer

Little chicken was goin to bed when she hears someone knocking on the door, it turns out it's a lost little fox! Lil chicken couldn't just leave little fox freezing out there when gets to sleep in her warm nest. She decides to help him find a warm place to sleep at and look for his mama and papa foxes. all the other animals try to warn her but lil chicken insists on helping out lil fox. eventually the big foxes find their lost baby and they surpriangly decides not to eat lil chicken since she's lil fox's best friends.beautifully touching story, I love it.. But didn't quite like the drawings much.


Wonderful winter picture book! Will be pairing this with Jan Brett's The Mitten for an upcoming storytime with my 3s and 4s.

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