Little One, We Knew You’d Come

ISBN: 0316523917
ISBN 13: 9780316523912
By: Sally Lloyd-Jones Jackie Morris

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Reader's Thoughts

Sara Jones

About the birth of Jesus... but speaks to the feelings of love and anticipation and joy that accompany the birth of every child (in my own little happy world). Dripping with sweet. Makes my uterus hurt.


A beautifully illustrated book (reminds me of illuminated manuscripts) which tells the nativity story from the perspective of the expectant parents.

Becky Sayler

Beautifully written, of course, since it's by Sally Lloyd-Jones. This Christmas story would be a good one to read during the waiting time of advent. The details of the Christmas story aren't hammered out - though the gorgeous pictures evoke them - but the poetic text gets across the idea of hopeful waiting, expectation, and joy in seeing God's promises coming true.

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