Little Stones at My Window: Selected Poems

ISBN: 188068490X
ISBN 13: 9781880684900
By: Mario Benedetti Charles Dean Hatfield

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From Spain And Latin America Non Fiction Poesia Poetry Priority Tobuy Thesis To Acquire To Read Translation

About this book

  These poems range in theme from pain of exile to joys of love to the horrors of political repression. Benedetti also frequently conveys with Kafkaesque irony the impact of bureaucracy on the lives of ordinary citizens. His latest poems in this collection focus on the personal and collective problems of reintegration into a wounded and changed society and the desire for universal brotherhood.

Reader's Thoughts


This is a very good book of poems. I love tha fact that it is in English and Spanish. A GREAT BUY!


while it is nearly criminal that so few of mario benedetti's works have been translated into english (let alone remain in print), what little there is demonstrates an immense talent. the late uruguayan is revered throughout the spanish-speaking world, yet remains relatively obscure elsewhere. his prodigious literary output includes some eighty books (novels, short stories, poetry, drama, and essays).little stones at my window is a bilingual collection spanning over five decades of benedetti's poetry, featuring poems from nineteen different books. the range of his writing, always beautifully composed, is exceptional, and throughout his work he employed differing styles and explored multitudinous themes. having lived much of his life in exile, benedetti's work was influenced by a tumultuous political climate and repressive government. despite the hardship, frustration, and anger benedetti endured, he was possessed equally by tenderness and compassion. sixty years of marriage to his wife, luz lópez alegre, also provided untold inspiration evident throughout his poetry. little stones at my window offers a breathtaking selection of poetry from a compelling master of the written word.something of a requiem (1971)While my father chokes to death in room 101while my father chokes to death like a poor bird completely defeatedand uses his last inch of breath for a tiny moan that rips his heart in twoelsewhere other things are happeningpresident nixon comes out against routine check-upsthe same president who himself rips hearts in two but with napalmyoung cambodians with training from the pentagon decapitate north vietnamese bodies and are photographed smiling with a head in each handthe venerable mr. heath sells arms to the archangels of south africaand here in montevideo well-trained torturers buy tender gifts to leave their well-fed snitches on this night fit for a kingall this while my father, who was a decent and generous man, chokes to death and dies in room 101.

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