Lloyd Alexander Bio Biblio

ISBN: 0313265860
ISBN 13: 9780313265860
By: James S. Jacobs Michael O. Tunnell

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"Lloyd Alexander--A Bio-Bibliography" profiles both the professional career and private life of this prolific author, winner of both the Newbery Medal and the National Book Award. Although best known and loved for his children's books, Lloyd Alexander also has been a regular contributor to magazines, anthologies, textbooks, and professional journals, all of which are documented in this comprehensive volume.A biographical glimpse into Alexander's early life reveals a youngster impassioned by books and touches upon the influences that shaped his sensibilities and encouraged his creativity to flourish. A list of writings by Alexander for both young and adult audiences as well as writings and audiovisual media about him comprise the annotated bibliography that follows. Illustrations, unpublished speeches, translations by Alexander, dissertations, book reviews, and monographs describing his work are just some of the works cited. In order to provide as thorough a recording of primary and secondary source materials as possible, most citations contain full bibliographical information; however, rather than omit an entry for lack of complete documentation, a small number of references are only partially covered. Dates of awards conferred and a Lloyd Alexander chronology appear in the appendixes, and a full index concludes the work.

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