Loach on Loach

ISBN: 0571179185
ISBN 13: 9780571179183
By: Ken Loach Graham Fuller

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About this book

An exploration of Ken Loach's cinema of social conscience. One of Britain's most distinguished and respected filmmakers, he makes tough, uncompromising films about a beleaguered working class -- but with poetry and humor.Honored by every major British and European award for his films of the nineties (Ladybird, Ladybird; Land and Freedom; Raining Stones; Riff-Raff; The Flickering Flame and Carla's Song), Loach initially changed the face of British politics in the 1960's with a devastating television series on the homeless. Most recently he has stirred furious debate among the Spanish with Land and Freedom, his 1995 film on the Spanish Civil War.

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