Looking for Information: A Survey of Research on Information Seeking, Needs, and Behavior (Library and Information Science)

ISBN: 0123694302
ISBN 13:
By: Donald O. Case

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About this book

'Looking for Information' explores human information seeking and use. It provides examples of methods, models and theories used in information behavior research, and reviews more than four decades of research in the topic.

Reader's Thoughts


A concise and understandable summary of the field. What more can you ask of a textbook?


i hate this book because i hated the class. i don't even know if we're supposed to read anymore from here, but i'm done reading it.


The specific hue of blue says it all!


This is pretty much the bulk of my reading these days, with a flurry of the articles/projects/studies referenced Case references.Welcome to library school.


My book of tedium for this semester. LOTS of theories are discussed.


Ugh! Booooooring! But I guess it's important.

Jessica Hastings

school book. oh yeah.


Class is over!

Yuki Chen

I like this book. I'd say it's a very clearly and well structured text book. Good guide for literature review


Your basic dry intro text, safe as milk. Content seems to cover all the basics, and if I have to give this back, I'll miss it.

Bonnie Gayle

This is the textbook for my 1st online MLIS class at UW, so I SHOULD be currently reading it, but we'll see how that goes!Update: Well, I read most of this for the class. It actually was the most accessible of all the assigned readings. I just wish I had found the definitions that were buried in a third appendix a lot earlier. It would have made figuring out what a bibliometric study, among other terms, easier. I liked how the author didn't go for easy answers, and didn't try to dumb down or simplify things too much, but it was still easy enough for beginners to comprehend. I had to laugh, though, when, after a full chapter of working through a definition for the word 'information' the author said that there was no established definition. Okay....


Useful for its intended purpose, which is to provide a thorough overview of current literature in the field of Information Science, it is however very ponderous. One simply plows through synopsis after synopsis of reviews of literature. Good for class, but use only as textbook.


I hated it. Horrendously boring lit review that should not have been assigned as a text book for an intro class.


Aika itsestäänselviä oli jotkin asiat ja osa tylsää. Lukihan tuon...

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