Los Deleites de Dios: Meditaciones Acerca del Placer Que Siente Dios en Ser Dios

ISBN: 0829746854
ISBN 13: 9780829746853
By: John Piper

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About this book

SPANISH EDITION. You really don't know somebody until you know what makes them happy. From a theological view, Pastor John Piper shares the Biblical evidence which will help us see and feel what the things that please God show us about Him in order that we may become more like Him. What the church and the world need today more than anything is to know and love the great, glorious, sovereign and joyful God of the Bible.

Reader's Thoughts


My mothers favourite book- she wrote this about it in the flyleaf of a copy sent to friends before she died: "Other than the Scriptures, no book has brought such sheer delight to my soul as this one. It is not to be consumed in one sitting, but read one delicious section at a time; to be chwed on, ruminated upon before going on to the next juicy morsel! My hope and prayer is that this book will encourage your heart to delight even more, and cherish with greater passion, the God, who in loving abandon, took upon Himself human flesh. For our God and His Glory! Love, Susan (Becker) "

Toby Knoblauch

What should I say? John Piper on the sovereignty of God. It doesn't get any better than this. Granted, John Piper's style is not everybody's cup of tea as it tends to be a little bit too academic. Well, there is always CH Spurgeon to resort to for simpler, more powerful language. But in regards to a thorough study of and presentation of God's delight in His Son and in the election of the saints there is nobody alive who does a better job than John Piper!

Karen Johnson

This book is revolutionary to the average American Christian.We tend to think we are at the center of God's love, will, plans...well, think again says Piper (and God!). Piper wisely points out that if, as Henry Scougal says, "The worth and excellency of a soul is to be measured by the object of its love", then the object of God's love must be Jesus Christ. The author then gives an amazing, detailed discussion of the intra-trinitarian love. It is a beautiful piece that really applies and gives life to the concepts that Jonathan Edwards discusses in his "An Unpublished Essay on the Trinity".

J. Alfred

Pretty rigorous examination of what it is that God loves, and, in that we are called to be imitators of God, what we should endevor to love. Very cool set-up that assures the reader that the main character of the big story is God, not him. The focus on God's glory, and His passion for His glory, is interesting, to say the least. My prayer life has looked significantly different since I started the book. It's a good'n.

Darren Sapp

John Piper wrote this book stating that, "one way to meditate on the Excellency of God is to meditate on His [God's] pleasures." The pleasures of God in His creation, fame, Son, and yes, even in the bruising of his Son are thoroughly exposed in this book. Reading this will drive you to the Scriptures and the appreciation for God's glory rather than ours.

Rex Blackburn

wow....when I was reading the first half of the book, I was nodding in agreement with Piper's theological assertions, but I found the book a bit lackluster in its ability to really penetrate my heart and help my joy...I could assent to his truths but didnt really feel them in my gut.then the second half of the book happened. Read this book. Whether or not God is a happy God has great ramifications on my daily life. My attitude, my joy, my satisfaction--these are all directly affected by my view of God. John Piper uses a lo of Scripture to determine that God is a joyful God who finds His affection and worth in Himself. How does this truth help me??....pick up Pleasures of God and find out :)Im so thankful for John Piper and his ministry. Hes been the single most important living influence on my life.


Saying I have a love-hate relationship with John Piper would be too strong a statement. It's more a love-meh relationship. I love his preaching- heck, I'd be willing to say that in my opinion he's easily the best living preacher. But I've regularly found his books to be, well, meh. Not that they're theologically bad, it's just that they're long and dry and only really work if you read them in his voice in your head, and that gets tiring after a while. So I picked up The Pleasures of God (provided free by the publisher on the condition that I write a review- not necessarily a good one) with no more than moderate expectations. The book lived up to my expectations.Summary: The Pleasures of God is about just that: what makes God happy? To that end, Piper broke the book into two sections: 1) The pleasure of God in Himself (in Jesus, in His actions, in creation, in His own Glory); 2) the pleasure of God in His people (in election, in justification, in providence, in our prayer, in our obedience).Analysis: Like pretty much every Piper book I've ever read, it's theologically correct, full of wonderful insights, dry, and about a hundred pages longer than it really needs to be. Also, it is about how God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.Who Should Read This Book: People who will likely never pick up Jonathan Edwards. Really, The Pleasures of God is an interpretation of Edwards' theology in The End for which God Created the World.  Which is a dense and difficult book that most people will never even start, let alone finish. Even though this book is longer, it's a much easier read and the place to begin if you want to get the gist of Edwards' ideas.Who Should Not Read This Book: People who've read more than three of Piper's other books, or who've never had any encounter with Piper before. If you've read a good number of Piper's books, you know that he just applies the same theme (God's Glory) to different topics. Which isn't a bad thing, of course. It just means that after a while it gets repetitive. On the other hand, if you've never encountered Piper, his books just aren't the place to start. I recommend getting on his website (www.desiringgod.org) and listening to a few of his sermons. If you enjoy them, pick up the book and give it a read.Having said all of that, the idea behind the book is a critical one for modern Christianity. Especially in modern America, where our idea of God bounces between a kindly, inept grandfather figure and a buddy who mildly approves of everything we do, Piper's revelation of the Biblical theme that God is ultimately delighted in Himself, rather than in us. So I suppose technically another category of people Who Should Read This Book  is that of those modern Americans who've bought into the various lies about God that modern American culture shills to us 24/7...Overall, this is a worthwhile read, and very useful as a devotional. I recommend reading it with a group and taking advantage of the study guide in the back.


I read this book while I was in college, searching for the reality of God. It changed my walk. It showed me that God loves me passionately. To not do so would be for Him to be unfaithful to Himself. The mediations of this book made me leave behind trying to please God who was always upset and knit picking, but to see that He loved me out of His own great pleasure.


John Piper's books are slow reading for me, not because they are dull but because their subject matter takes time to digest and reflect upon. This book was a spiritually enriching read and an aid to getting to know who God is. And guess what? He is actually quite happy and wants to share his perfections with others so that their happiness will be complete.


This is a theological treat that only lures the believing heart into a deeper intimacy with Christ. Helping us understand what our great God takes pleasure in, Piper really emboldens and gives weight to the evangelical taglines that the church claims to understand; things like "Jesus loves you," and "Jesus saved me." Offering us an overcooked steak dinner, we could chew on the truths presented in this book until our devotional jaws are sore. Books like these completely dismantle the erroneous claim that love of doctrine and love of Jesus are somehow separate in their nature.


I think this is the best book I’ve read this year(and I've read several really good ones)! It satisfied my thirsty soul and made my heart sing to read, study and meditate on God and His great delight in being God. Scripture really does teach that God delights in His Son, in being merciful, just and gracious to His children because He is God and Piper does an excellent job in teaching these truths.

Jacob Hickson

Piper is brilliant and blessed in his treatise on God's love for His own glory. The perspective, though not new, is a crucial and wonderful part of the current back-to-the-gospel movement. love to see the glory of God so elegantly magnified in prose.


God has used this book to transform my life. Of course it is only one of many things He used and I cannot promise the same results to you, but is is a very worth-while read. It helped me to see that my view of the gospel was way too self-focused. It shifted my theology and made it way more God focused, and the more I meditate on the delight of God in Himself the more I delight in delighting in Him! But this book is not for the faint hearted, or the uninterested... I mean I wrestled, pondered, meditated, and rejoiced. It's one of my all time favorites.

Aaron Lord

One of Piper's greatest trilogy. Lays out the doctrine of election definitively. Mankind has no grounds for boasting whatsoever—yet so many Christians are the proudest people you'll ever meet.

Brandon Barnes

This is a modern Christian classic for a reason. Piper repeatedly punches through your face and drops sweet, sweet knowledge into your brain about what God finds pleasure in. Bring a fresh pencil because you will be marking this book up pretty frequently.

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