Loss of Innocence: A True Story of Juvenile Murder

ISBN: 038075987X
ISBN 13: 9780380759873
By: Eric J. Adams

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Reader's Thoughts


I like to read true crime and this was a heart wrenching story of a 13 year old boy that murdered two girls for no apparent reason other then taking out his anger and his destructive personality. It takes place in the 80's so laws have changed, but back then a juvenile was not treated as an adult and so I do not think the punishment was appropriate. It was an interesting read and shows how 30 minutes of mayhem can change the lives of many.

Jennifer Wedemeyer

This is based on a true story that is so heart wrenching, it's hard to think about something like this happening to your family or anyone you know. Our family has been friends with the Janson family for about 25 years and it still breaks my heart to think about everything they have gone through. The parents of the murdered girls are amazing Christians with a tremendous amount of love for everyone they meet. The book is a good read but it made me feel sick because it's so close and personal and everything in it really happened to people we know.

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