ISBN: 0142400807
ISBN 13: 9780142400807
By: Ezra Jack Keats

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About this book

Susie and Roberto are putting on a puppet show and all of their friends have come to see it, including she Louie.  As the show begins, Louie becomes fascinated by the smiling puppet Gussie and shouts "Hello!" in front of a silent audience.  After the show, Louie goes home and dreams about Gussie.  When he wakes up, he discovers that his friends have left a gift for him.  This classic Ezra Jack Keats story of love and generosity is as meaningful today as when it was first published more than twenty years ago.

Reader's Thoughts


Good story about someone who finds what he needs.

Katie Fitzgerald

Read at elementary school story time celebrating Ezra Jack Keats on 9/18/13: http://storytimesecrets.blogspot.com/...

Megan Zimmerman

A great way to teach students about loving one another and sharing. A great story about Louie, who goes to his friends puppet show, and loves the main character Gussie. He goes home and dreams about Gussie, only to wake up and find that his friends have left him a present.


This is another great story basket book. Your can also do some great creative writing activities where students describe their own puppets. You can make your own puppets in class as well. Many options.


This had to be Louie first time at a puppet show. I like the way the children handled his outburst.I love the reaction of Children when they see puppet shows and bubbles blown. This book can starts some arts and crafts by making puppets and even doing a show.


A friend reminded me of this book. From doing puppet shows at libraries and schools, I have seen for myself that all kinds of children, especially those slow to talk, love puppets! Keats seems to have experienced this too.


I still have my copy from the end of the 1970'ies...


I picked up this freebie book at the deGrummond Collection's (at the University of Southern Mississippi) special exhibit on Ezra Jack Keats, which I saw about 3 years ago, but never got around to reading it. I picked it up to read to my son the other day, but I must say it is not one of my favorites of his work. Susie and Roberto are putting on a puppet show with a mouse puppet and baby puppet named Gussie. Louie, a younger child in the audience, just falls in love with Gussie and can't resist talking to her during the performance. Before this show, Louie is a very quiet child who hardly ever speaks. After the show, the Susie and Roberto decide to give Gussie to Louie, since he was so attached to it. While I didn't like the story so much, the painted illustrations were lovely, especially the dream sequence. Recommended for ages 3-7, 3 stars.


I would use this book as a lesson on puppets and have an activity creating a puppet show using their imagination and creativity.

Robyn Simmons

This story tells about a young boy with an extremely vivid imagination. Once again Ezra Jack Keats does great illustrations. This story could be used as a read aloud that encourages young boys to imagine and enjoy reading. Students can make great personal connections to this story.

Amy Poulin

Louie is a story about a boy names Louie that never spoke. Then as the puppet show that Roberto and Susie’s were putting on for their friends Louie got up and spoke to the Gussie the puppet. Louie really likes Gussie. Louie finds a note under his door asking him to go outside and follow the string. There was a surprise for Louie at the end of the string.Activities:- Word wall with vocab words from the story-Flannel board story- retelling the sequence of events in the story- reenact the story with puppets-chart- What do you think is(life size puppets)-puppet making


This is the first of the 'Louie Series', a spinoff from the popular 'Peter Series' set in the same colorful New York neighborhood. Louie is quiet, shy and lonely and in need of a friend. Will he find one at a puppet show?

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