Love and Death (Angel: Season 4-5, #5)

ISBN: 0743495543
ISBN 13: 9780743495547
By: Jeff Mariotte Joss Whedon

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About this book

Incited by an outspoken radio host, a mob of vigilantes have descended on LA, intent on ridding the city of the demons they believe have overrun it. But for Angel and his fellow fighters of evil, the mob are more of a hindrance than a help - especially when they don't stop to ask which demons are good and which are not.

Reader's Thoughts


Oh, this is probably my favourite Buffy/Angel book. I know I sound supremely geeky admitting it, but I don't care. I love the Whedonverse, and I love fanfiction, so what could be better than Whedonverse fanfiction by an actual published author?The book is rather simple, but I take that as a good thing because the action really just flows along, and you get dragged along with it. The characters are mostly true to the show (though Conner seems a little too...normal. Gnarley? Sure, he's a teenaged boy, but he's a teenaged boy that grew up in a hell dimension and now lives as a squatter, essentially. Where would he have picked up the word gnarley?).And I loved the Mac Lindley storyline. His fanatics were fascinating, and it does shine a light on misguided vigilantism (sp?). I've actually just finished reading it while hearing about the Greek riots, and I see the similarities. These young people fighting against something they perceive as the enemy (I am on the police's side. He should have aimed higher perhaps, so as not to kill the boy, but it was not unprovoked, and the death was an accident), and just making things so much worse. Mobs are scary.Great novel, all in all

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