Love and War (North and South, #2)

ISBN: 0451200829
ISBN 13: 9780451200822
By: John Jakes

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About this book

The Hazards and the Mains -- the first fatal shot fired at Fort Sumter divided them irrevocably with loyalties more powerful than family ties. The young would clash on the bloody battlefields of Bull Run and Fredericksburg, while in intrigue-ridden Washington and Richmond strong-willed men and beautiful women would defend their principles with their lives...or satisfy illicit cravings with schemes that could destroy friends and enemies alike.This surging drama is the second part of the trilogy that includes NORTH AND SOUTH and HEAVEN AND HELL

Reader's Thoughts


I didn't enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed North and South. John Jakes is still a great storyteller, but it felt like there were too many different stories going on in this book. I was often confused about the timeline. And it seemed like he expected me to know when things were based on battles, which I can never keep straight, so it was just kind of all over the place for me. I have to admit, part of the problem is mine in that I am just bored silly by books and movies about war. It has to be really really good for me to be interested, or somehow be during a war but not really about the war. So all the stuff about the battles and the strategy was just not my cup of tea. But I still want to keep reading about the Hazards and the Mains. I am definitely going to read the last book.

Katie Q

This book spans the American Civil War. It is gruesome, compelling and thought provoking.The story covers the private lives entwined with the bureaucracy of war and politics. Whilst a long book it will keep you reading to the end. 2 June 2014I have just re-read this book and I do not know this time around if I loved it as much as the 1st. The war scenes just dragged on forever and certainly 2 thirds of the book covers the war and makes the book longer than it possibly should have been. I am looking forward to the next installment.

Robert Grant

Originally read in 1995.An excellent sequel to North & South. Extremely detailed. You can almost hear the battles and the horses rampaging out of the pages as you read. Only complaint is that it is a little on the long side. Could have been over and done att least a couple of hundred pages sooner than it was while still serving the story. A little soap-opera-e at the end.Still stand as a classic novel and with the other two books in this series, probably the finest work in fiction I have read on this period of the American Civil War.


Quite honestly, I don't remember much about this book. I remember liking North and South, but Love and War is a fleeting idea in my own head. I do remember enjoying the read, and I liked the ideas that immersed themselves in my psyche. As a white kid growing up in the suburbs, the concept of a black man and woman having an affair was something I hadn't been exposed to. This was implanted in my psyche, and has benefited me throughout my life. I was inspired to read this after reading the Novel "Homeland" by John Jakes. I have to admit, I preferred the Homeland novel, but that's why I didn't give this review 5 stars. Besides, who knows how my perspectives would change if I read it again. I haven't read this book in over 10 years, if I read it again, I'm sure my impression of the writing, the characters, indeed my own psyche's interpretation of the concepts and themes would be different.


Read this way back when...those were the days!

Ndlela Ntuli

It was longer than Book 1 I think. It felt like it.Gosh war is dreadful, it really is.Anyway, while this book does not necessarily establish causality, it has put some context behind my perceived division between the American north and south. I had this simplistic idea that America is divided along ideologies of the Republican south against those of the Democrat north. I thought this book may help, though it is fiction based on history. I find it is a little bit more complex than that and I should look elsewhere for the answers. The fictional saga continues and I hope to read book 3 before end of year.

Louise Jennings

I really loved reading this book. It follows straight on from the first so you aren't confused about if you have missed something. I like the fact that although you have major characters in this book it's based more on the civil war because the first one set the characters up. You follow there lives with you and really feel how they do. You start to feel about the two sides of opinions of the civil war and realise what they must been going through. I would recommend this book completely to anyone who has read the first. But be warned that it is more based on the civil war than the characters.

Kathy Kramer

I love the North & South trilogy and this book does not disappoint. I absolutely love how Jakes maintains historical accuracy while weaving the stories of his fictional characters into the history. He doesn't just do this with the major historical events, but with smaller details that we don't normally think of when we think of history. Jakes makes the era come alive. While I also loved the TV miniseries for what it was (Patrick Swayze, after all), the books are better. It is a very long book, but it's worth the time spent reading it.


This is the second book of the "North and South" trilogy and probably the best of the three because it deals with the actual events of the Civil War. Again, I loved the mini-series that ran after this sequal was published, and I had to see the entire story in print. It has some differences from the movie, of course, including a main character death that doesn't happen until the third mini-series, so I wasn't expecting that at all. It accurately portrays key events of the war surrounded by the lives of the Mains and Hazzards and brings the war to life once again. It's a great read for those of you who love historical fiction or Civil War books. And if you've never seen the mini-series of "North and South," you should watch them - there are three series, and amazingly almost the entire cast remains the same from each series, with only a couple of exceptions.

Christina Merrill

In my opinion, the best book of the trilogy. Much of the action deals with the Civil War battles in Virginia and Maryland. The characters of Charles and Billy are well developed. The death of a major character toward the end of the book was heartbreaking and senseless in the way it happened...much like the war itself. Many of the characters are so one-dimensional as to be caricatures of themselves. Ashton is particularly obnoxious as the Scarlett O'Hara type with even fewer moral scruples and zero inhibitions. You'll have to wait till the next book to see if she gets her just deserts.

Gina Murray



This book is an epic about two families embroiled in the great war and their struggles to remain loyal to their sides of battle, but also to each other. A great study in human character and since I have an interest in The Civil War, this book characterizes the events of that period as well as can be expected. I have also read its prequel, "North and South" and enjoyed this volume more. When I read books of this type, which spend so much time in building the characters involved I get the feeling when I am done that I have made new friends. Off to volume three.


I just keep picturing a young Patrick Swayze as Orry Main. Sigh. 4 stars for nostalgia.


Another Jakes masterpiece! This novel, like its predecessor North and South, draws the reader right into the emotional period that was the time of the American Civil War. Jakes is quick to point out that his novel is about change first and foremost, which makes sense, as we see immense differences come about in the lives of basically all the members of the Hazard and Main families as they live through the turmoil of the Civil War. Overall, this second part of the trilogy doesn't disappoint. I have Heaven and Hell, part three, on my shelf and am ready to begin!


Audiobook. Over forty hours of listening. Love and War is the second book in a three part trilogy regarding the American Civil War. Although historically accurate, the primary purpose of this story is not to convey history. It is rather to convey the effects of history of the lives of ordinary people. Sweeping and accurate, Love and War pulls the characters from North and South through the war years as human, flawed, and victims all.Expect the epic-tale style of writing, a different type of presentation than the modern novel. Better, in my opinion, affording the reader the opportunity to savor the time and thoughts of the characters and the author.Listened to this audiobook at 1.5 speed. Grover Gardner, although a terrific narrator for the series, is a bit slow for my taste.

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