Love Your Handwriting [With Workbook and Ruler and Pen & Pencil and Eraser]

ISBN: 1929180896
ISBN 13: 9781929180899
By: Heidi Swapp Creating Keepsakes

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Reader's Thoughts


This book wasn't what I expected. I guess I didn't read the packaging properly - I didn't realize that it was more about scrapbooking than actual handwriting. The back cover actually refers to journaling, which I do a lot of. I was hoping to make my journal more legible and pretty for when I refer to it later, but Heidi Swapp was really referring to a small, descriptive section of the scrapbook page. I guess she and I have different ideas about what "journaling" is.Swapp offers some decent tips on page layouts, if you enjoy scrapbooking, but her examples all looked the same to me after a while.The book claims to be able to help the reader improve her/his handwriting, but I didn't find anything that I found really helpful. I'm actually surprised that Swapp says people tell her they love her handwriting! I don't think it looks particularly nice, or easy to read. It's a very stylized way of writing, which probably works well as hand-lettering in a scrapbook, but I didn't find her example of a 'Thank you' note that impressive.Also, she has the annoying habit of ending most paragraphs with: Wink!Shouldn't it be *wink*, or (wink)? Written as it is, it seems like she's actually saying "Wink!", like it's part of the instruction.In summary, this might be a good book if you know what you are picking up. Because this book is sold as a kit (with pen, pencil, and workbook), it was sealed in plastic, and I didn't have the opportunity to browse the book's pages in the store. I've learned my lesson.


Great exercises for improving your handwriting.

Bonita Rose

Teaches one to be more comfy with their own style of printing/handwriting.. teaches us all how to journal more effectively, and show our artistic ability thru our handwriting! Loved it!


I'll admit, if it says "Heidi Swapp" on it, I will buy it! I ordered this book and got it as soon as it came out. But after leafing through the whole thing several times, it's still sitting on my shelf. It comes in a cute package and has some fun add-ons (a pencil, a ruler, a pad), but it kind of seems like a glorified magazine article. I was expecting more "how-to's" in terms of how Heidi gets her signature style and creates some of her unique looks. But there wasn't a ton of instruction (I'm still trying to figure out how she does the shadow effect). All in all, it's a fun book to have and to play around with, but it's not going to turn you into a creator of illuminated manuscripts overnight.

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