Love Your Patients! — Improving Patient Satisfaction with Essential Behaviorsthat Enrich the Lives of Patients and Professionals

ISBN: 1577331419
ISBN 13: 9781577331414
By: Scott Louis Diering

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About this book

Love Your Patients! is a guide to the words and actions that healthcare workers can offer to enhance any patient's healthcare experience. Written by a psychologist-turned-Emergency Room physician, the advice is gentle and uncomplicated, yet vibrantly enhanced by the colorful anecdotes from life in the trenches of healthcare. The first section identifies love in healthcare as comprised of compassion, respect and humility. The second section critiques a dozen anecdotes which illustrate how good caregivers can behave rudely when they fail to act with love. The third section provides the scientific basis for the admonitions. Love Your Patients! will appeal to students in all fields of health care, practitioners at every level, hospital administrators looking to improve patient satisfaction, and managed care groups who wish to avoid complaints and litigations. It is easy to read - secular, but with spiritual overtones. It will change people's lives.

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