Lying, Cheating, and Stealing: Great Writers on Getting What You Want When You Want It

ISBN: 0811818209
ISBN 13: 9780811818209
By: Sara Nickles

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About this book

Drinking, Smoking & Screwing made quite an impression, but it didn't tell the whole story. This deviously inspiring plunge mto the netherworld of grifters, fibbers, shysters, and scam artists finally settles the score. With over twenty-five page-turning excerpts from this century's wildest and most entertaining American writers -- including Dorothy Parker, Dashiell Hammett, Woody Allen, Russell Baker, Cynthia Heimel, Tobias Wolff, Mark Twain, and Groucho Marx -- Lying, Cheating & Stealing brings back the days when getting rich and getting even were more important than multitasking, working out, and recycling. This priceless collection will remind everyone how good it feels to get what you want -- in bed, in the bank, and just in the nick of time. Bad boys and girls rejoice! Once again revenge is sweet, cheaters prosper, and nice guys finish last.

Reader's Thoughts




Good premise, but boring reading. I bought it just for the e e cummings poem, May I Feel Said He?

Bonnie Fazio

I don't remember this. I read it 14-1/2 years ago -- that's probably why.


Entertaining collection of writing. My only beef with it is that every time I really started to get into an excerpt, it ended, making plunging into the next one more difficult.

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