Magic Thinks Big

ISBN: 0060581646
ISBN 13: 9780060581640
By: Elisha Cooper

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About this book

A cat sits in the doorway and tries to decide whether to go inside where he might get fed again, go outside where he might have an adventure, or stay where he is.

Reader's Thoughts


This book gets inside the mentality of a cat named "Magic." Magic is lazy. He is unable to make up his mind in what to eat and how to go about such. Mentally, he devises situations and different types of food he could eat. However, he is quite undecisive with what scheme to follow and what food to pursue. Does he ever make up his mind? Read to find out.Intended Grade Level: Kindergarten-2nd


1. Lake Mooselookmeguntic (or however the hell one spells it) is awesome.2. This book made me laugh and laugh and laugh...The author obviously knows from cats.My kiddo enjoys the hell out of it, too. Although I think she's a little confused by the cat going into the water bit. Apparently it's much more believable to her for cats to ride on the backs of moose, or to hang out picking blueberries with bears.


** spoiler alert ** Magic Thinks Big is a cute book, it centers around what should Magic the cat should do stay indoors or outdoors. Things like if he stays indoors maybe he can convince his owners to feed him again, look inside the fridge, wait for the mouse to come out or maybe just take a nap. But if he's outdoors he could go and meet other animals, things like chasing the loons sound fun. Maybe he could hunt them along the rock shore, stalk them through the reeds, leap after them and then eat them...or maybe someone could chase the loons and he could watch. Naw, Magic is more hungry maybe he could catch a salmon. But in his mind he is already having several adventures and they keep get grander and more intricate and vivid. The pictures are very beautiful they bring a certain texture to the story especially the illustrations of Magic. I find that at times I wonder if this is how my cats think. Do they have adventures in their minds as they are sleeping or lying down. Oh to be a cat!!!


Magic is a fat cat who can’t seem to decide what to do today. He sits in the doorway, thinking of all the different things he could do, if he got enough gumption. The main thing he thinks about though? Different ways to get fed. This is a short, but extremely cute book. Magic is truly a fat cat, and Cooper gives us a few different views—the best is the top view, looking down on the cat. The illustrations are in soft watercolors, making everything dreamy. A picture of the inspirational cat is on the back cover, rounding out this book.


AS a cat owner I was drawn to this story and don't all of this make up scenarios about what our cat is thinking. Well that is the theme of the story and I didn't find it to enchaning, a bit disjointed for me. The positivies, the cat is drawn large which many of them are; the blues, greens, and whites in the illustratios are lovely.


I like cute cats because I have one cute cat.

Sarah Eiseman

This book was a riot! I love fat cats and we're currently on the lookout for fun picture books for our baby that's on the way.


Fun and full of imagination. As usual, Cooper's art work is beautiful.

Kathleen Behrendt

This simple picture book shows humans just how a cat thinks - and how lazy they really are. Magic weighs the pros and cons of going in or out of the house (actually, moving at all!). He has a vivid imagination - he imagines eating dinner with bears (Salmon and blueberry pie) and using a moose as a water taxi. In the end, he acts as a true cat - he stays right where he is - dozing in the sun. On the back of the book, we are told that Magic is a real cat.I would recommend this book to preschoolers, especially cat lovers. This would be a good addition to story times about cats and a book display about pets.


Cat owners and cat lovers will adore this one. Adorable idea, but I wanted it to go on longer. MORE!


I probably won't ever read this in storytime because of the loon eating. But it's a cute book nonetheless.

Lisa Vegan

If Magic wasn’t a real cat I’d probably have given this book one less star, but the photo of Magic on the back cover, and the very short description about him, had me fully engaged in the story before I started it. I always want to get inside the heads of dogs and cats. Those I know I do often feel as though I know exactly what they’re thinking and feel we can almost fully communicate. This imagining of Magic’s imaginings doesn’t strike me as that plausible, but I don’t know the real Magic, and the narrative sure gives room for some really pretty illustrations. Magic sure does live in a beautiful place. I did find myself smiling and even chuckling a bit through this book, so it probably deserves its star rating. I was entertained. Now I’m longing for cat companionship, a vacation by a lake, and a place where I can safely view wildlife.


My daughter and I really enjoyed this small but lovable picture book about Magic the cat; she reminded us so much of our own rotund feline family member. Magic cannot decide what to do with the day as she sits in the doorway contemplating her options. Go inside and search the fridge? Chase the ducks outside? Perhaps catch a fat salmon and share it with a bear? So many choices! What, if anything, will Magic do??



Marissa Garcia

Magic, a pleasantly plump cat, looks outside and contemplates the adventures he could go on, if he wanted to. But he lazily decides in the end:"Maybe not, Maybe, if he stays right where he is, Magic's next move will come to him."Subtley hilarious, dreamy, and sophisticated, this picture book is special. The short length suits storytime well, and the watercolor illustrations lend themeselves to the dreamily air.Suggest for: patrons doing storytimes or units on cats, animals, daydreams, imagination, children under 5

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