Making Polymer Clay Beads

ISBN: 1596680199
ISBN 13: 9781596680197
By: Carol Blackburn

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About this book

A comprehensive introduction to the materials, tools, equipment, and techniques used to make unique beads with a variety of shapes, colors, and finishes. The straightforward instructions discuss topics that include conditioning raw clay and making simple shapes; producing more complex shapes, such as rounds, canes, and spirals; decorating the beads with foils, powders, and milléfiori; and creating faux effects like ivory, bone, turquoise, marble, and silver. A gallery of beads by internationally renowned artists, hundreds of step-by-step photographs of new beads designed by the author, and a clay gauge that allows one to estimate how much clay is necessary to make a specific quantity of beads are included, making this a comprehensive guide that will provide inspiration, demonstrate the range of effects that can be achieved in polymer clay, and teach beaders how to incorporate these beads into jewelry designs.

Reader's Thoughts


It was great for showing how to make different type/shapes of beads, there was about 14 faux effects that were nice and a lot of good general information for beginners. It is probably very useful for anyone who has an interest in making beads, as it just covers about everything in a basic broad way that you can follow up with either youtube or other specific books when you find something you want to focus on.


LOVE this book. I look at it for ideas. I look at it to make me happy. I look at it on rainy days. I look at it on sunny days. Good, clear directions. Great photographs.

Sheila Read

I tried to do some these beads with no luck not enough tools


Making Polymer Clay Beads: Step-by-Step Techniques for Creating Beautiful Ornamental Beads by Carol Blackburn (2007)


I just got this book from the library, and found some really cool looking techniques inside. It's shorter than it should be though -- instructions and pictures seem kind of squashed together on some pages, I think so the whole technique would fit on a single spread of pages. Still, her instructions are clearly written and easy to follow. Over all, a pretty great book.

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