Mallory on Board

ISBN: 0822561948
ISBN 13: 9780822561941
By: Laurie B. Friedman Barbara Pollak

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About this book

Bon Voyage! Mallory and her family and friends are setting sail on a cruise. But poor Mallory feels like she's sunk and she hasn't even set sail yet. Her two best friends' parents are getting married and even though Mallory is trying her best to be happy for Mary Ann and Joey, she can't help feeling left out. Can Mallory find a way to be happy for her friends and not feel like a third wheel?

Reader's Thoughts


i didn't like it when maryann and joey started hanging out with each other and leave mallory out. at the end they include her.

Katie Fitzgerald

Mallory is not at her best in this book. She is whiny and selfish throughout almost the entire story and a lot of the scenes are repetitive. I felt like the author was struggling to fill the pages of the book. And I didn't buy that Mallory would be as jealous of her best friends becoming step-siblings as she was. It didn't ring as true to me as many of the other books in the series. But most of the others up until this one were much better - Mallory's a likeable gal most of the time!

Kendall 11-12

My favorite part in this book was when her to bff's leave her and she feels left out because her friends mom and the other friends dad are getting married and she things they all wont be friends because she things they are going to ditch her. I liked tis book it was okay.


this tought me how it feels when you think your going to loose a friend.


Read after "In business with Mallory". Shows respect to everything and says the basic rules of close friends.

Horace Mann Family Reading Challenge

Mallory went on a ship to see her friends mom get married. A.R.


Loved it! It's probably the best in the Mallory series.

Pooja Dimba

I knew this wasn't going to be a good book, I was reading it for fun and the love of getting a chance of flaming it. Not thought provoking, no plot, poor dialog. I would've given it 1 1/2 stars if I could.

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