Marriage Special Package- 2 books- Five Love Languages/Fight Fair

ISBN: 0802415075
ISBN 13: 9780802415073
By: Gary Chapman Tim Downs Joy Downs

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Reader's Thoughts


I never get tired of this one!! And I pull it out from time to time to reread it! It has really helped me to understand my husband. There is another for children as well.


I couldn't find the "5 Love Languages" by itself on this site. I haven't read "fight Fair." The Love Languages book is great! I highly recommend it. Talks about the differences in the ways people express and receive love. Think about which "language" your loved ones best respond to.


This book was great. Matt and I are different love languages, which most are form ther mate. It helps you see how to show him hte love he needs instead of the way you like to be showed love.


My wife read this book from recommendations from friends. I was challenged to read it as well and I'll give my further impressions when I'm finished.This was actually a very good book and has given my wife and I new insight into what we need as a married couple. I would suggest both spouses read this and take the little test and find out what Love Language each is, it really does work.


I enjoyed reading this book and taking the test to find out my husbands love language as well as my own. The results were dead on!


I didn't get "the marriage package", just "The Five Love Languages" book itself. An easy read with some common sense insights into relationships. I love how they apply not only to adults, but to children. My husband and I read this at the same time and it helped us improve our communication I think. We bought a copy for all of our siblings.

Jenaya J

I loved this book. Now I wish my husband would read it!

Cara Hecker

After reading this book I believe any couple can make things work of course if both are willing to accept the other's language. It has some great information and I recommend it to all newly weds.

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