Martin Luther King Jr. (Usborne Famous Lives Gift Books)

ISBN: 0794512607
ISBN 13: 9780794512606
By: Rob Lloyd Jones Leonard Le Rolland David James

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About this book

Martin Luther King Jr. never expected to be a leader. All he wanted was for black people like him to be treated fairly in America. But what began as a small protest soon became a revolution Usborne Famous Lives retell the stories of fascinating people, bringing them to life so vividly, it's as if you're there with them.

Reader's Thoughts

Zoe Seevaratanam

I liked that he stoped Americans from treating Blacks so badly! But the sad part is when he got shot!


This book was amazing because it talks about racial injustice a and how African Americans have to live in this world.No mater how it is African African fight for there freedom.It is a great book to read.


I am reading this book that Woo Jeong and Seong Ho read. Woo Jeong told me some events that had happend in the book. But i am not sure about thethe story. So i am reading this book and i think it's good to know about someone that is famous in the world.


The book contains some new insight into the thinking of Dr. King. It is an excellent way to introduce or expand upon the learning of intermediate and high school students.

Leo Davila

this book was inspiring for many reasons. it was about his life and what specail events he did and at the end, thats when martin luther king jr. went to the grave

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