Masterwork Studies Series: 100 Years of Solitude

ISBN: 0805779892
ISBN 13: 9780805779899
By: Regina Janes

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About this book

Written in an easy-to-read, accessible style by teachers with years of classroom experience, Masterwork Studies are guides to the literary works most frequently studied in high school. Presenting ideas that spark imaginations, these books help students to gain background knowledge on great literature useful for papers and exams. The goal of each study is to encourage creative thinking by presenting engaging information about each work and its author. This approach allows students to arrive at sound analyses of their own, based on in-depth studies of popular literature.Each volume:-- Illuminates themes and concepts of a classic text-- Uses clear, conversational language-- Is an accessible, manageable length from 140 to 170 pages-- Includes a chronology of the author's life and era-- Provides an overview of the historical context-- Offers a summary of its critical reception-- Lists primary and secondary sources and index

Reader's Thoughts


I haven't read this book in ages but I still refer to it a lot. There were parts of this book that you just go, "how in the heck can that happen?" and then you really delve deeper to see what it's trying to say. It's a great book. Love it!

Staci Martin

still trying to read it..........


Fascinating story and writing-style if you can keep up with the plot...


Every so often I read a book and wish that I was part of a book club to discuss. This book was definitely one of those. Very abstract and full of symbolism that I'm pretty certain I didn't get; nevertheless, it was a good read.


Such a brilliant story, somewhat difficult to get into but well worth it once you do. There's usually a family tree in the cover flap to help keep the generations straight- which really helped me at times. This book illustrates life gorgeously, intensely, and completely as the mixed bag of emotion it is via births, deaths and love. All I have to say is the yellow butterflies are unforgettable, and the ending will knock you over.


Absolutely spectacular prose. It did help that I had a fabulous Spanish teacher; without her I would have missed a lot of detail. This story is so rich in Magical Realism, it's a joy. The translation suffers a bit. First page: "... a la orilla de un rio de aguas diafanas que se precipitaban por un lecho de piedras pulidas....." Why can't we have "..diaphanous waters that poured over a bed of polished stones... " (instead, it's just ".. clear water that ran along...." Marquez did mean diaphanous: light, delicate, and translucent, or limpid.


I am afraid of this's way too daunting to me. What if I don't get it?


I really enjoyed this book and I would like to re-read it. I read it in a hurry to meet a deadline. I would like to read it again to enjoy the story and the prose style.


This book was so beautifully written! I could not put this book down for long, though I admit I had to stop and digest a lot of things that happened. This book a lot going on without being overly confusing. I had to make my own chart while reading this. Not a big deal but for a book with so much going on with so many different people, a family tree would have been helpful. Overall though this book is captivating!


from Andrew

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