Max and Ruby in Pandora’s Box

ISBN: 0140564152
ISBN 13: 9780140564150
By: Rosemary Wells

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About this book

Ruby wants Max to stay out of her room, but Max wants in. He just has to see what?s inside of her jewelry box. When the sign on her door fails to keep him out, Ruby tells Max her own version of the Greek myth Pandora?s Box. Will the story of one overly curious bunny who learned her lesson about snooping teach Max his? ?A perfect offering for those who enjoy the skewed tales of James Marshall and Jon Scieszka.? -- School Library Journal ?Clever and great fun?fans of the droll, mischievous bunny will welcome him back.? -- Booklist Rosemary Wells is the acclaimed author and illustrator of many books for children, including Max?s Christmas, Max?s Dragon Shirt, and Noisy Nora (Dial and Puffin). She is also the author of the McDuff picture books, illustrated by Susan Jeffers (Hyperion). She lives in Westchester County, New York.

Reader's Thoughts

Inspired Kathy

An attempt at telling about pandora's box but it's too short to pull it off.

Ashley Wilson

Max and Ruby's First Greek Myth is a story about pandoras box. Ruby tells Max to stay out of her room and Max just has to have a peek. This leads Ruby to reading the story to Max about doing something that he is not supposd to do. In the story, Pandora opens a box, that she thought to be irressistable in it there are "hundreds of twister bees, a slew of fire ants, and clouds of Mexican jumping weevils". In reading the story, Ruby lets Max know the importance of not doing things that he has promised not to do. I really liked this book. It was interesting to read the story because Samiah likes to watch Max and Ruby on the weekends. It was neat becasue the story is written just like the two talk in the show. I think that this makes for a great book to read to young children. I know for some children they do not like to sit down and read but if the story is about familiar characters, reading can becoe fun for them. Because of this, I can see the Max and Ruby series being good for early readers.Not only was the story interesting and easy to follow but the pictures in the book are also well illustrated. The colors are suttle and look like the scenery on t.v. The colors are not too loud and the details on objects are just right. For students who are not readers, I think they would enjoy looking at the pictures becasue they tell the story too. Overall this is a great book, for beginning readers to have read to them.


Oh, Ruby. Somehow I doubt telling your version of Pandora's Box to Max will every persuade him not to obey your "No! This Means You!" sign. But as a recovering older sister of brothers, I can't help enjoying the push-pull of Ruby's bossyness and Max's recalcitrant inventiveness; and I like the humor in Well's retelling of Pandora as a little girl forbidden to touch her mother's jewelry box. Of course, Max doesn't quite get the point, but would you expect anything else?


It wasn't as good as the show.


This book was odd. It started and ended pretty abruptly. It could have been cute but was not so much.


This book was funny. It seemed like a great book to introduce children aged 4-6 to Greek mythology. It would also be a great way to teach children about spiders and how they catch bugs in their webs.

Camila Facundo

The myth is told in a nice and kid-friendly way, I just don't like the girl being rewarded for misbehaving, not sure if kids will get the right idea on how to act...

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