McSweeney’s #20

ISBN: 1932416528
ISBN 13: 9781932416527
By: Dave Eggers McSweeney's Publishing

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About this book

McSweeney's has grown to be one of the country's best and largest-circulation literary journals. The journal is committed to finding new voices, publishing work of gifted but underappreciated writers, and pushing the literary form forward at all times. We have no idea what Issue 20 will be.

Reader's Thoughts


every issue of mcsweeney's is a work of art.


By far my least favorite McSweeney's so far - it was almost painful to force myself to finish it.

Kim Gold

It's a collection of short and very charming stories by random authors. The illustrations in it (or any Mcsweeney's) are gorgeous!


Not all short stories can be amazing but the majority of these are. The illustrations are what makes it worthwhile.


The stories were definitely not up to McSweeney's ususal standard, but the artwork (most of it, anyway) is amazing. I actually am trying to figure out how to tear the book apart so that I can frame some of the pieces; and then get another copy of the book.Suggestions?


A beautifully bound book. Every fourth page features a full-page piece of art, all of which are very cool. And the stories? One was pretty good. The rest, not so much. This has been sitting on a shelf for like three years, finally got around to it. McSweeney's used to be a lot better in the early days, it would seem.


"The Man Who Married a Tree" is a story from this collection that has been stuck in my mind ever since I read it last year. The premise may sound strange, but it really made me think of how much life there is in the world, even though a lot of it may be hidden or unassuming from our own point of view. A surreal and poetic story.Also, The illustrations all throughout the book make reading the stories that much more enjoyable.


I thought most of the artwork was beautiful, and I enjoyed the rhythm of text and artwork in the layout of the book.Favorites/Stories I would read again:"Statement of Purpose""The Man Who Married a Tree""Terminal"I found some of the stories extremely boring/pointless and was unable to get through a few of them because they just didn't hold my interest. Overall I disliked more stories than I liked in this collection, hence two stars.


It's hard to rate these books, as they are compilation from many different authors on many different things. Sometimes short stories, sometimes shorter stories, memoirs, essays etc. This one was good like the others. I in general really enjoy McSweeney's Quarterly Concerns for the variety and originality of them.I really enjoyed having full page art on every fourth page, plus the book smelled great.


Best McSweeney's far.

T. J.

Too many indvidual stories, for me to review.

A.Jay Wagner

McSweeney's Issue 20 (Mcsweeney's Quarterly Concern) by Dave Eggers (2006)

Noel VerDine

I have had to buy this issue twice, as I ripped apart the first one to hang much of the beautiful art inside.

Ryan Chapman

This is probably their strongest issue in years in terms of content and design. There's such a wide breadth of style and experience among the selections, it's hard to choose a favorite. So I won't. But I will highly recommend this issue. It's a little pricey, I know, but completely worth it. The hard thing will probably refraining yourself from tearing out all the art pages and tacking them to the wall.


So many pretty pictures! Most of the stories are pretty neat so far too.

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