McSweeney’s #8

ISBN: 0971904715
ISBN 13: 9780971904712
By: Paul Maliszewski Dave Eggers McSweeney's Publishing

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About this book

Literary Anthology.

Reader's Thoughts


I found the "fiction-masquerading-as-fact" theme sort of grating and self-righteous. Also, though he didn't really fit that theme, I ALWAYS find Lawrence Weschler kind of annoying and precocious. Oh well. I think this issue is an excellent argument for the existence of The Believer - I like to know what I'm getting and therefore fact/fiction apartheid is totally cool with me.Also, someday I need to travel to eastern Europe because dry and black as I may think my sense of humor is, I just don't get theirs.


I recently wrote a short thing about Dave Eggers and then realized that I hadn't rated or reviewed the many issues of McSweeney's I've read. The early issues were especially influential and inspiring to me.

Tom Steele

Is this the most perfect McSweeney's? It's possible. BUT AM I BEING TRUTHFUL?!

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