Men at Work

ISBN: 0425206831
ISBN 13: 9780425206836
By: Janelle Denison Nina Bangs MaryJanice Davidson

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About this book

Slow Hands by Janelle DenisonTess is back in town after being away since high school. She had left Morgan behind with his heart broken. Now Tess has come back and has hired Morgan to repair her grandmother's house.Color Me Wicked by Nina BangsAmanda Harcourt has come back to help redecorate The Castle of Dark Dreams. She has to work with painter and former lover Conleth Maguire. With a nosey physic cat, plants that thrive when lovemaking is near, this is a fun filled, lusty story. Amanda and Con really do liven up this castle.The Fixer-Upper by MaryJanice DavidsonCathy Wyth is exciting to be a new homeowner. Cathy feels another presence in her home but its seems to be a friendly spirit. Upon moving in she meets her neanderthal neighbor Ken Allen. Ken takes over helping Cathy move in and get the shock of his life. Little does Cathy know but her friendly ghost now lives in Ken's hot body.

Reader's Thoughts


This book had a touch of humour to it which is a major aspect I like to find in contemporary romances. I love to laugh and Janelle Denison and MaryJanice Davidson are two authors I always look forward to reading. I enjoyed all the stories, the only issue I have of this compilation was that Nina Bangs contribution was a tad silly. To be more precise about what I found silly was the growing plants...


I only read the short story by Nina Bangs, "Color Me Wicked". It's the first tale in the Wicked series, and was classic Nina. Sweet, goofy, sexy and charming.

Jessica Alcazar

12/21/12: I've only read Janelle Denison's story so far because I'm on a Denison kick at the moment and so far I have enjoyed everything I have read of hers! I'll keep you posted when I finish this Anthology....I won't be finishing this anthology

Dora Gonzalez

The cover and the back were the reason why I got this book and decided to read it. The stories really didn't have anything to do with men at work, at least not enough to justify why they were thrown together and an anthology titled Men at Work was made. Really liked one of the stories, Slow Hands by Janelle Denison. Her story fit the theme of the anthology very well and was a wonderful read. The rest had me wondering what exactly it was I was reading. The last one had promise, but got too weird at the end. Good book to read for buying it off a used book store, but would have been furious if I had paid the full price.


Take it or leave it. And the prequel to the Castle of Dark Dreams series by Nina Bangs did not live up to the caliber of the rest of the series. Thankfully the rest of that series is awesome, unlike this short story.


This is a three smut short story deal. Nothing too overly exciting, but whoo boy! Very steamy! The last story was by MaryJanice Davidson, who is always much fun. It's not a complete waste of time, but the second story really sucked. Okay if you're looking for fluff.

Kevin Connery

So-so collection.


This is an okay simply due to the first story. The first story by Janelle Denison was excellent. Hot and sexy with a good plot. I didn't like the second story by Nina Bings. I got bored with it very quickly. The third story by MaryJanice Davidson was actually my favorite but it was so short it was over before I could savor it. Overall, very disappointing after the first story.


Slow Hands :)Color Me Wicked :(The Fixer-Upper :)

Christy Stewart

** spoiler alert ** About MaryJanice Davidson'sMy first thought when Jack took over Ken's body was "Wouldn't that be funny if he had cirrhosis of the liver and Jack dies again soon?"And if Ken was 'riddled with STDs' than I hope the sex scene involved a condom.

Kathy Davie

Janelle Denison's Slow Hands was a nice romance.

Chinablue_25 West Bostedor

This is three short stories by three different authors. I enjoyed the stories. The third one by Mary Janice Davidson was my favorite. It was about a woman who bought an old house from a very old woman who grew up in it. The house ended up being haunted by a ghost that was able to communicate his name being Jack. Meanwhile the neighbor is this drop dead gorgeous hunk that always walks around with nothing but his jeans and tool belt on and always insisting on helping the woman around her house. Unfortunately the guy is a major jerk dropping f bombs all the time and just not having any tact. One day the neighbor has a mishap with a drill and electricity and ends up dying in her house and she uses mouth to mouth on him till EMS gets there. They were able to revive him and he puts her down as her emergency contact while filling out paperwork at the hospital so when they send him home the hospital sends him to her for after care. He ends up being a super sweet soft spoken gentleman, which of course makes the woman interested in him. She then figures out that he is the ghost Jack in Ken's body. I liked that twist! Thought it was great!!

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