Metal Gear Acid(tm) Official Strategy Guide

ISBN: 0744005116
ISBN 13: 9780744005110
By: Adam Deats

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About this book

BradyGames' "Metal Gear Acid: Official Strategy Guide" includes the following:COMPREHENSIVE WALKTHROUGH: We lead you through all 14 stages from start to finish! Quick lists give you suggested cards, special items, number of guards, and card packs for each area!ALL 200+ CARDS: We provide the attributes of every card in the game-Cost, Rarity, Type, Pack, Function, and more!S-RANK TACTICS: Learn the tricks to maintain your stealth, avoid killing enemies, and earn points and bonus cards!EXPERT STRATEGY: We show you how to perfect your timing, set traps, improve your accuracy, maximize your damage and score, purchase cards, prepare your deck, and much more!PLUS, INTRIGUING STORYLINE, FACINATING CHARACTER BIOS, AND MORE!Platform: PSPGenre: Action/AdventureThis product is available for sale in North America only.

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