Michelin Green Guide Alsace Lorraine Champagne

ISBN: 2067119206
ISBN 13: 9782067119208
By: Gwen Cannon

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About this book

Respected cultural travel guides featuring Michelin stars and tours. This brand new, completely revised edition features the best of Alsace, Lorraine and Champagne. These regions in the northeast of France are famous the world over for producing champagne, wine and beer as well as mouth-watering culinary specialties. Driving and walking tours, maps, full-color photos, illustrations and plenty of new content help you explore the diverse landscapes from the foothills of the Vosges mountains to the undulating plains of Champagne. Delight in the magnificent Gothic cathedral in Reims, the age-old vineyards around Riquewihr and the Routes du Champagne. Discover ruined castles, picture-perfect villages and stunning natural woodland. Wherever you go, Michelin's celebrated star-rating system make sure you see the best that Alsace, Lorraine and Champagne have to offer.

Reader's Thoughts

Willy Eckerslike

Finding and English language guide in preparation for our holiday in Alsace proved very difficult so we bought this guide by default - we normally prefer the Rough Guide books as they are intuitively laid-out and are ideal for planning a holiday. This book, however, is the exact opposite. The alphabetical organisation is alright if you want to look up a town but you need to use it in conjunction with a map to find the places of interest in your vicinity. This guide also covers far too much territory (unless you're on a driving holiday) so there is never enough information about the places you're visiting - the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy's entry for Earth springs to mind ("mostly harmless").There is a French language Michelin guide to Alsace alone, but as it is little more than an extract of this book is isn't much help either.If you're looking for a really good guide to Alsace, look no further than the book we found in the tourist information office in Strasbourg (ISBN 978-3-929228-93-9, published by Kraichgau Verlag).

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