Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services

ISBN: 0072262397
ISBN 13: 9780072262391
By: Brian Larson Brian Welcker

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About this book

Microsoft's Reporting Services product is a vital part of the SQL Server 2005 business intelligence platform, but it works with virtually any data source. This hands-on guide explains how to transform data into insightful and interactive Web-based reports using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services. With coverage of everything from installation to administration, the book demonstrates how to use this powerful server-based reporting solution to improve business decision-making and facilitate company-wide -- even worldwide -- communication.

Reader's Thoughts


I will never be done with this book. It's got a great deal of information about Reporting Services 2005. If you have to use RS 2005, then this book will help you. But sometimes you just want generic information and most of this book is made up of examples... so if the examples aren't doing exactly what you're trying to do then they're not that helpful...

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