Miscelánea Gastronómica de Schott

ISBN: 8476697147
ISBN 13: 9788476697146
By: Ben Schott

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About this book

La Miscelnea gastronmica de Schott no es un libro de cocina, una carta de vinos, una gua del hogar ni una historia culinaria, es un poco de todo. Slo en este libro encontrar la forma de cocinar cisne (y por qu est prohibido), cmo le gustaba el martini a Hemingway, por qu los esprragos dan olor a la orina o el modo ms sensato de consumir palomitas en el cine. Ninguna otra gua le contar cmo se leen las hojas de t, el mejor mtodo para hacer aros de humo, la arcana ceremonia del t en la tradicin japonesa, cmo brindar en Rumana, a qu sabe una chinche gigante de agua o la receta del huevo monstruoso. Dnde, sino en la Miscelnea gastronmica de Schott, encontrara lo que opinaba Harold Wilson de los alimentos enlatados, por qu Zeus dorma en un lecho de azafrn, al verdadero capitn Birdseye, las ltimas comidas en el corredor de la muerte o el complicado ritual del Copn? La Miscelnea gastronmica de Schott ofrece alimentos para pensar (y tambin pensamientos sobre la comida), tanto al glotn como al tragaldabas, al comiln como al gastrnomo

Reader's Thoughts

Brian Canavan

one of those idiosyncratic books I own that I have no idea why they are in my collection but good for flicking through in the odd ten minutes or so of boredom or downtime.


Schott's Food and Drink Miscellany by Ben Schott (2004)


Trivia...about food! It's like he wrote it just for me.


Delightfully nerdy.

Simon Scholz

Better than Schott's Sporting, Gaming, and Idling Miscellany, but lacks behind some other collections of (un)usefull knowledge. Especially when it comes to the use of the content.


Slim volume on all sorts of food esoterica. Was especially intrigued reading about the "Bristol Stool Form Chart."For hard core foodies only.


Ihan yhtä hauskoja juttuja sisälläänpitävä kirja kuin ensimmäinenkin Schottin sekalaiset. Kirjan sisältö on samaan aikaan tyhmää ja hauskaa, kiinnostavaa ja ällöttävää, nippelitietoa ja oivalluksia. Kirja, jonka pariin voi palata uudelleen ja lukea pieniä pätkiä kerrallaan.


I registered a book at BookCrossing.com!http://www.BookCrossing.com/journal/11829240

Houari Sabirin

quite so damn pretty good book to know the other side of what we are facing of everyday... ^^


This book explicitly claims not to be practical (In case you didn't get that implication from the title.)It's a charming little gift book. I got mine from my friend Elyse, who happens to be particularly good at picking out gift books. But why would one want a book filled with random facts about and quotes regarding food and its history? Because then you can know about Russian doll roasts (think turducken). You could begin preparing one of these dishes by stuffing a clove and a caper into an olive, then stuffing that into a bec-figue, then that into an ortolan . . . and so forth, until you've got fifteen or twenty birds stuffed into a turkey, and then finally, into an enormous bustard. Or: you could be at a baby shower, and mention the idea of these elaborate Russian doll concoctions, and discover that someone else there is familiar with a particular ritual involved in eating ortolan, those tiny little birds, bones and all. That might call to mind for someone else in the conversation Loren Groff's book "Delicate Edible Birds," and, in the end, you will have had a very interesting conversation. Assuming, of course, that the others at the baby shower have an interest in interesting miscellany.


I love this fun little book with random facts about food and drink. Here's one: the flesh of the tapir is said to taste like beef.


what an interesting compilation of everything food and drink... great late night read

Donny Kwandindo

A great book to make you more knowledgeable about the food culture


Weird, but okay.

Shannon (Giraffe Days)

The second book of Miscellany (after Schott's Original Miscellany), this one focuses on food and drink (obviously), throughout the ages and across the world. Includes everything from cocktail mixes to gout, the history of popcorn and breakfast quotations. Hilarious, informative and fascinating.

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