Miscelanea Original de Schott

ISBN: 847669637X
ISBN 13: 9788476696378
By: Ben Schott

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About this book

" C'est une bien triste chose que de nos jours, il y ait si peu d'informations inutiles. " Oscar Wilde. " Un couteau suisse en forme de livre. " Elmar Krekeler, Die Welt. " .. vous, Monsieur, vous lisez les livres d'un bout à l'autre ? " Samuel Johnson. " Il n'a appris à lire qu'à moitié, celui qui n'a pas aussi appris l'art encore plus subtil de feuilleter & de sauter des pages. " Arthur Balfour. " Prenez garde à l'homme d'un seul livre. " Saint Thomas d'Aquin. " Si un livre vaut la peine d'être lu, il vaut la peine d'être acheté. " John Ruskin.

Reader's Thoughts

brian tanabe

Despite the Bathroom Reader-esque nature of its content, I love the presentation and earnest attempt at respectability of the Schott's Miscellany series. Always a joy to read. Below are some of my high points from the 2008 volume:Most men lie about their height online while most women lie about their weight.The world's worst sound is the sound of vomitting followed by microphone feedback and wailing babies.New York's Metropolitan Museum spent over $99 million in acquisitions during FY2004-05, the most of any museum in the world.Number one on the FBI's list of top art crimes in the world is the theft of Iraqi artifacts in 2003, deemed priceless. The next biggest crime is the theft of 12 Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum paintings in the USA valued at $300 million.The most visited national park is the Great Smoky Mountains, with more than twice the visitors of the Grand Canyon.San Jose has the worst roads in the country.Owning a dog has greater health benefits than owning a cat.I grew up in a state that is 41% asian and now live in a state that is less than 1% asian. I grew up in a state that is the 19th most livable and now live in a state that is the 3rd most livable. I grew up in a state with the least amount of mobile homes per capita and now live in a state with the 6th most mobile homes per capita.18% of the population believe that the cryptozoological allstars Bigfoot and Loch Ness Monster will someday be discovered.


If you ever wanted to learn basic Cockney rhyming slang or which president had the shortest term (not to mention how to tie a sari, which honorific to use when greeting a foreign dignitary, or what a stratocumulous cloud looks like), then Schott's Original Miscellany has your answers. It's a perfect addition to the basket you keep next to the bathroom sink. No, don't deny that you have one. Or that it's filled with Reader's Digests from 1982 and copies of US magazine. Recycle that old crap and put this in its place--you will be very glad you did.


I purchased this book after seeing it sitting by the printers at my last job. It's a book of what it says, "Miscellany". I think everyone should have a copy of it. Great facts and tidbits within it. I had the computer close by to look up topics that I wanted to know more about.For the graphic designers out there, it's a wonderfully typeset book which the author did himself. I hope he comes out with an updated version in a few years.


Love, love it! So much fun. You either get it or you don't. This book got right inside my brain, it's where I live. I'll buy that ticket to the moon!


Just a really good collection of random facts and information. Great for dipping into when you don't have time of are too tired to get stuck into chapters. Thanks Chris who gave it too me.


This is a book of completely useless facts.Is is very entertaining.I was at a C.S. Lewis retreat when it was recommended to me so I picked up a copy at Barnes and Noble. There is not much else to say except that you need to pick it up and flip to a random page. It WILL suck you in.

Heather the Hillbilly Banjo Queen

Oh, how I love random crap and this book is chock full of it. I will never need to know anything contained within it, but it is fun to know I have a book full of wonderful random information.


Interesting. Nothing in there you could not easily look up online but things you wouldn't think to look up online. Lastly, the book will not age will simply based on the book's data goes only to 2002 which is already a few years ago. So the dated material (Who won the Superbowl since the first one) will be significantly dated in another few years.

Shannon (Giraffe Days)

Schott's Miscellany is a fascinating book of interesting, random, bizarre, hilarious, and informative facts and oddities. From Cockney Rhyming Slang to ways of saying "I love you" in numerous obscure languages (including Braile and Morse code), to sign language and Shakespearian insults, shoelace lengths and airport marshalling signals, the Miscellany is just as fun to pick up and read as it is a great reference source for all manner of things.

Brian Hischier

I now nearly know all the things that Schott knows, but more thoroughly, because I have the gift of breadth, whereas he only has the gift of scope, and he says as much in the introduction so I don't feel like I'm slandering him. Then he proves it in the rest of the pages with a sort of viscous pride reserved only for the most scoped of men. We men of breadth have a more sticky pride.


If you have ever spent a couple of hours leafing through an almanac or an encyclopedia, you will like this book. It consists of 150 pages of random information. Irish duelling codes, bed dimensions in England and America, the husbands of Elizabeth Taylor. I suppose the information is not really random, since it's all mildly interesting and each topic can be covered in a half a page or less.


I love this stuffuseless & wonderful...Had no idea it would be available here in the US - Hurrah for the Dane Co. Library system! ;o)& thanks Kari for forwarding it!

Terri Menke

Fun book to read. There are a lot of miscellaneous facts that are probably pretty useless except to pull information out for trivia games. It was very interesting.


I finished this book on a Friday evening with a glass of wine, dictionary, Wikipedia, and some jazz, and I'm obsessed. Why aren't there more well-designed, well-written, and humorous miscellanies like this verbal divertissement? Having been raised in three countries, I always feel like I am lacking in general knowledge and common sense, as most of my formative years were spent mastering a new language and social circle instead of pursuing trivia. Mr. Schott's treatment of miscellany is familiar yet distant -- the perfect way to draw in a reader like me.


I saw the author interviewed on the news and I was very curious to order the book, he researches little known miscellaneous facts, figures and lists and compiles them into books every year, supposedly it is fascinating.... we shall see. I love useless trivia sometimes. tena

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