Miscelanea Original de Schott

ISBN: 847669637X
ISBN 13: 9788476696378
By: Ben Schott

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About this book

" C'est une bien triste chose que de nos jours, il y ait si peu d'informations inutiles. " Oscar Wilde. " Un couteau suisse en forme de livre. " Elmar Krekeler, Die Welt. " .. vous, Monsieur, vous lisez les livres d'un bout à l'autre ? " Samuel Johnson. " Il n'a appris à lire qu'à moitié, celui qui n'a pas aussi appris l'art encore plus subtil de feuilleter & de sauter des pages. " Arthur Balfour. " Prenez garde à l'homme d'un seul livre. " Saint Thomas d'Aquin. " Si un livre vaut la peine d'être lu, il vaut la peine d'être acheté. " John Ruskin.

Reader's Thoughts


I love interesting facts, figures, and interesting tidbits. Schott's Original Miscellany fits the bill for all of these. This is a book that will remain on my "Currently Reading" list as it is the perfect book to occupy your mind for a bit. Highly recommended!


Martha Stewart had the author on her show...I think this book looks fantastic! I'm not sure I even knew what an Almanac was...now I'm educated!


If you have ever spent a couple of hours leafing through an almanac or an encyclopedia, you will like this book. It consists of 150 pages of random information. Irish duelling codes, bed dimensions in England and America, the husbands of Elizabeth Taylor. I suppose the information is not really random, since it's all mildly interesting and each topic can be covered in a half a page or less.


Love, love it! So much fun. You either get it or you don't. This book got right inside my brain, it's where I live. I'll buy that ticket to the moon!


This is on my 'read' shelf, but I haven't read it cover to cover. This is not your grandfather's almanac - no weather predictions or crop planting calendars. It is fun to pick up for ten minutes and open to a random section. Lots of interesting tidbits for a trivia nerd like myself.


I saw the author interviewed on the news and I was very curious to order the book, he researches little known miscellaneous facts, figures and lists and compiles them into books every year, supposedly it is fascinating.... we shall see. I love useless trivia sometimes. tena


What a blast this book was to read. Someday I'll own this for my collection. It took me about a month to read this short non-fiction book. It is a unique collection of trivia.Lists like Cockney Rhyming slang, Palmistry Lines, Demon's dictionary, American Diner Slang are just a few of the fun lists. Highly recommend - put next to your nightstand and read a few every night. :-)

Roberto Palet

Óscar Wilde dijo: "Es muy triste que hoy en día escasee tanto la información inútil". Este libro es un remedio contra tanta tristeza.Desde el esquema del infierno de Dante hasta el nudo de la pajarita y las líneas quirománticas. Un placer.


Omigosh...just started reading this last night as I'm in the midst of the odd quest to read something from each side of each aisle of Cascades Library.I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to read this straight thru, but it was either this book--or beginning Word Perfect...which would you choose.so loving it. It's like my nonsequitar brain has found it's god...and yes...it does want a space ship.Update:I finished it and i loved it. I may actually have to buy it...not cuz it's cover to cover...but because it's just fun to open to a random page and learn something odd.-j

Canard Frère

Une sorte de compilation de savoirs plus ou moins utiles (de la longueur des lignes du métro de Londres aux degrés hiérarchiques de la franc-maçonnerie en passant par des tableaux de locutions espagnoles ou latines) piochés au hasard et jetés en vrac dans le bouquin. Dommage que l'auteur gâche un peu le côté futile de l'œuvre en incluant un index à la fin...

Carlos Vazquez

Si vd quiere saber un montón de tonterías pero llenas de amenidad, desde cómo hacer bien un dry-martini hasta el equivalente de las medidas de zapato británicas con las continentales, o como hacer el roast beef o de qué tamaño y marca usa el papel higiénico la reina de Inglaterra o el teléfono del Vaticano, o la buenas maneras ala mesa y el uso apropiado de los vinos, o mil disparates más, solo puede encontrarlo en un libro de excentricidad inglesa y es este entre otros. Su primera edición debe ser antigua y posiblemente entonces era un libro utilitario. Hoy es bastante divertido. O no, claro.


A book you must have on your shelf!! All the trivia you'll ever need, from the odd deaths of Burman kings, to the longest word ever, to all the essential data from all the James Bond movies!


Amusing, interesting and great to keep for "in the bathroom" reading. I even bookmarked a couple of sections for future reference.Well-written: 5Kept attention: 3Accessible: 5Must Read: 1Important: 1


I purchased this book after seeing it sitting by the printers at my last job. It's a book of what it says, "Miscellany". I think everyone should have a copy of it. Great facts and tidbits within it. I had the computer close by to look up topics that I wanted to know more about.For the graphic designers out there, it's a wonderfully typeset book which the author did himself. I hope he comes out with an updated version in a few years.


I love this stuffuseless & wonderful...Had no idea it would be available here in the US - Hurrah for the Dane Co. Library system! ;o)& thanks Kari for forwarding it!

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