Modernity, Culture and ‘The Jew’

ISBN: 074562040X
ISBN 13: 9780745620404
By: Bryan Cheyette Homi K. Bhabha

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About this book

This is an analysis of Jewish history and culture, which relates them to theories of modernity and postmodernity and to debates on ethnicity and postcolonialism. Issues addressed include: psychoanalysis and gender; literary anti-semitism; postmodernity and the Jew; and the memory of the Holocaust.

Reader's Thoughts


Haven't started this yet but buying books sure is a strange pastime. I just got this this morning and out of curiosity I clicked 'buy this book'. Between £38 and £52. This was printed in England and shipped to Chicago. Sent back from Chicago to me in London, eight thousand miles round trip, for £9.36 (inc postage). New, too. Weird.Still, who's complaining?

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