Molly Marches On

ISBN: 1584852763
ISBN 13: 9781584852766
By: Valerie Tripp Nick Backes Susan McAliley

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About this book

Molly wants to be the first to find a surprise at the end of the nature hike at her camp. When she ventures off the trail, she finds a secret surprise of her own.

Reader's Thoughts


Age: 4 - 8

Mike Gray

My first grader really enjoyed the whole Molly series. The content really kick started some good discussions about life during WWII. The historical aspects definitely help expose children to some additional perspectives on life in different generations.



Kristine Pratt

** spoiler alert ** Molly is off to summer camp but things aren't going quite the way she thinks they should. Her group is being sent off on a hike, and she wants to play Sacajawea, getting herself, and one of her friends in serious trouble. At least it should be serious trouble. For the first time I was seriously irritated with Molly. She disregarded rules and safety, set off on her own, got no punishment, in fact had a kind of reward. And we never did find out what the surprise was. This book was a disappointment. If you're a Molly fan, then I'd include it on your reading list, otherwise, it's one I wouldn't necessarily bother with.


Molly, Linda and Susan are at camp Gowonagin and are preparing for their special hike. Molly is excited, she daydreams that she is just like Sacajawea, but Molly soon makes several foolish decisions in the woods that lead her and Susan into danger. Can Molly be truly brave like Sacajawea and help her friend and herself?

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