Monstruos Invisibles/ Invisible Monsters

ISBN: 8497594827
ISBN 13: 9788497594820
By: Chuck Palahniuk

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Reader's Thoughts

Guy Portman

Shannon McFarland is a catwalk model, who is the centre of attention wherever she goes. That is until she ‘accidentally’ blasts her jaw shot off with a gun whilst driving down the highway. Shannon is left horribly disfigured and incapable of coherent speech. While in the hospital she meets the Queen Supreme, Brandy Alexander, in a speech therapy class. Our protagonist must create a new identity - past, present and future, assisted by her new friend Brandy, who is just one operation away from realising her dream of becoming a woman.The pair, along with friend Seth Thomas, set out to get revenge on Shannon’s treacherous former best friend and fellow model Evie, and two timing former boyfriend Manus. We follow their outrageous antics on a cross-country trip that concludes with the revelation that not all is what it appears to be.Presented anarchically, with non-conformist formatting and a non-linear chronological order, Invisible Monsters is concerned less with plot and more with the callous, self-absorbed and damaged characters that populate it, all of who desire to be people other than themselves. The book’s premise, the superficial vanity of the beauty industry, is used both to explore the unattractive side of human nature and, in customary Palahniuk fashion, to satirise society. The book’s non-linear presentation and convoluted style requires considerable concentration, and in the absence of a meaningful plot, this reader suffered occasional lapses.

Salam Ch

the 4 stars are for the author Chuck Palahniuk!!! a brilliant author that makes u keep reading regardless the sickness and twists of his mutated caracters , like u know that smoking is not good for ur health but u just keep enjoy it!!! not mentioning his writing style that keeps u jumping!! I sooo loved it :-)


"Sometimes your best way to deal with shit is to not hold yourself as such a precious little prize."Read twice! Not exaggerating but this is the best Chuck Palahniuk book. Better than Fight Club. The writing, characters, plot, philosophy, just wow. I keep on rereading passages. I keep on smelling the leaves. I keep on hugging and kissing it. I keep on smiling just by looking at it. I will definitely read this again. Probably the Invisible Monsters Remix for the additional gimmick of chapter-jumping and hidden chapters - additional fun!First read:There's something funny and scary that happened when I was reading Invisible Monsters: (view spoiler)[My mind kept on imagining same guy's face to be both Seth and Manus even though they are different characters. And it turns out that later on in the book, they are one and the same. My instinct knew it. (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>


I'm just going to warn anyone who wants to read this that you have to be very open minded to alternative sexual orientations and lifestyles. Also, you can't have an issue with cussing and mentions of mutilation (intentional or otherwise) are quite frequent. In other words, you would have to be pretty crazy to read this. I pride myself on that. I first heard about the book through the Panic! at the Disco song Time To Dance. Having heard how disturbing the song was, I pretty much thought I knew what to expect. It was still a roller coaster of a book. That being said, it was hilarious. I mean, in that tragic way you can't help but laugh at. The way it jumped around like a magazine meant you didn't even notice a plot twist until two chapters later when a new detail from an old story was revealed. Even when you think you have it all figured out, Shannon jumps to a time and it throws everything you thought you knew out the window. Overall, brilliantly written. I haven't read something so heart wrenching and confusing that I still really wanted to read, and I applaud you Mr.Palahniuk for doing that for me


In Invisible Monsters, Chuck Palahniuk (the master of shock-value fiction) weaves a story that is both quasi-ridiculous and hugely enjoyable. Shannon, the former supermodel who has had half her face blown off, is the perfect narrator, describing the absurdest events as if they happened every day. Palahniuk gives the reader just enough information along the way to make you read as quickly as you can, begging for more and hoping the story will never end. On more than one occasion, I said "Oh my God!" out loud as I read a shocking paragraph.As always, Palahniuk's novel puts a new spin on our notions of beauty, family, and prescription medication. If you're only going to read one Palahniuk novel (although I don't know why you would deny yourself like that), this is the one to read.


As usual upon completion of any of Mr. Palahniuk's work I find his writings to be profoundly unique. Normally these are either dark, edgy, disturbing, twisted, abnormal, etc.; but you can always count on his work leaving you with the "WTF" quandary. This did not disappoint. A rather quick read if you really want it to be, but to filter the mental imaging and ingest the intricate wordage as intended, one may find themselves needing a moment to reflect or just scratch their head; again stating "WTF" while maniacally screaming with a twinge of sickening laughter. The cover alone is a self-imaging of the context within; smartly done. I'm glad I ventured to read this, though of late I had found Mr. Palahniuk's works a bit too challenging (or is that lacking) for my own endeavors. This was not, and only emphasizes the endless talent of this author. To parlay the ins and outs of the proclivity of beauty (or is it vanity) from the feminist point of view is in almost direct correlation with the masculine concept so delved into with his work in Fight Club, yet another (for me) challenging or lacking read albeit more direct in contexture. Recommend for true Chuck Palahniuk fans. If not one, challenge yourself for he is one of the more skillful writers out there in this mad, mad, mad, mad world.


Quite possibly the most fucked up piece of literature I’ve ever read, this novel is a brilliantly executed train wreck from beginning to end.

Christy Stewart

This is Palahniuk's best book, hands down. Any book in which a character is involuntarily getting hormone treatments for a sex change is going to be your best book.If Mark Twain had done that in Letters From The Earth we would have gotten to read that in school instead of that shitty Huckleberry Finn.

Danny Robinson

i really actually wanted to give this book a 4 and 1/2 stars just cause it was the book i read while away and alone for 1 and 1/2 years at a boarding school in the middle of nowhere, witrh nowhere to go, etc.... basically i was a bad kid and got shipped off to a middle of nowhere hell pit for a year and a half.i found this book on the ground in the "confiscated" mentors area and tucked it under my shirt to leave with it only to find myself not in hellish reality but living with the crazy, weird, i dunno how to describe characteurs of this book! even if only for a little while, but t his was my first book i ever read to get out of my own mind and sad reality and pretend that everything is gonna be all right. so i read it every month to keep my head sane for the most part while i was at boarding school! omgosh and it when i got of boarding school and realized he had a ton other books, i was just as happy!

Theresa Flores

The very first Chuck Palahniuk book I've ever read. After finishing the book, I already became a fan of Chuck Palahniuk. I was really impressed by his writing. The book was just so refreshing and new, very odd, and very bold and blunt. The book had some confusing and disturbing parts at times, but Chuck Palahniuk was actually able to make those parts of the book appealing for me. Many times, I could not put the book down and stop reading. The ending, for me, was actually really shocking. And disturbing, but in a good way. The whole book is simply insane and dysfunctional, but it somehow really works.A really great book to read, if you're looking for something unique.


I'm too old for this stuff. Shocking doesn't do it for me alone, and he works SO VERY HARD at being vulgar and violent and crass. Don't get me wrong; those are three things that can make for a great story. But it was so unrelenting and contrived, and not as funny as it was supposed to be. There were some clever turns of phrase, and it wasn't entirely unenjoyable, but I was not really impressed.


****DO NOT LOOK THIS UP IN WIKIPEDIA IT GIVES AWAY EVERYTHING I REPEAT DO NOT LOOK IT UP! In fact, don't even read the synopsis, I would just dive right in knowing nothing.****THE START:So far it is pretty good. It says right from the start that you are going to read this book feeling like you are missing things and it's very true. I am having a hard time holding on to any solid plot but am captivated from what I can grasp. It's the same author that wrote Fight Club and it kind of has that same feel where certian things happen and you're like, "wait what just happned, what did I miss?" when in reality you didn't miss anything, nothing has been revealed yet they are just going on in the plot as if you know it already. Only about 1/4 into it...more to follow! (This is a FABULOUS idea ps!) UPDATE:So I am now 3/4 of the way through and it is all(finally!) starting to come together. I feel like I am going to have to re-read it now that I am starting grasp the plot and characters(yes, it really is that confusing!)It's a trip. I have to say I am relieved that it IS starting to make sense. When explaning how ramdom it was to people I used the movie Mulholland Drive to give an example.The thing is, that movie never ended up making any sense(at least to me)so while read I was concerned it was just going to be this artsy "deep" book left up for interpretation that I wasn't cool enough (or drugged up enough)to understand. Don't get me wrong still a very weird book but highly entertaining. I recommend that you read it carefully and try to remember details even if you don't understand it at the time. Almost done! FINALE:WOW! I did NOT see that coming! If you are reading this and are going to now read the book I say again, pay attention! I am going to re-read the book now that I know where all the pieces go! I felt like I was watching a movie with a big black bar going through the middle and now it has been lifted and I want to watch it again. It was good, different, but good! I would have given it 4.5 stars if that was available. Well done! ****I also just read that they are turning this book into a movie to release late this year sweet!

Bob Milne

This just did not work for me. Maybe I'm not hip enough or cool enough to appreciate it, but it really got on my nerves. The narrator grated on me, the writing style just annoyed me, I was already sick of the moral/social commentary after the first chapter, and I was bored - not even frustrated, just bored - trying to follow the so-called plot. As for the much-touted sex and violence, it felt like he was trying way too hard to shock, simply for the sake of being offensive. Reading this reminded me of listening to a kid who snuck a peak at his dad's porn stash, picked up a few curse words from his older brother, and then tried sharing it all in the most inappropriate places, naively thinking that it's so very clever and amusing.There was nothing exciting or intriguing about it this. Usually, I'll skim ahead a bit, or at least check out the last chapter before condemning a book to the DNF shelf, but I just didn't care.

Meg ♥

The main character in this book is nameless, and disfigured. She was once a beautiful model, and now feels invisible. She hides under a veil after being called a monster. When she lost her face she saw the true colors of everyone in her life. Her fiance leaves, and her best friend constantly steals her clothes while she's in the hospital. In speech therapy our main character meets Brandy Alexander, and the story unfolds.This is probably my least favorite book so far by Palahniuk, but it was still enjoyable. I wish I hadn't read the synopsis of this book, and just went into it knowing nothing at all. Another problem is my expectations. When I heard this was Palahniuk's first book he ever tried to have published, and it got rejected as "too disturbing" I thought this was just what I was looking for at the moment. Well, I came to the conclusion that either other people get disturbed and/or offended too easily, or I am truly becoming incapable of being shocked. So either way this is not the book's fault...Some of the "twists" in this book I saw coming within the first few pages. I will admit that there were a few that got me, but most were predictable. Again, had I not read the synopsis maybe I would have had a completely different opinion, but I have no way or knowing that for sure. So that's what I didn't like, but here is what I did like. Invisible Monsters is a book that's not about the plot. It's really about the characters. None of them are likeable, but that makes them fun to read about. Like me, you will probably wind up not caring about any of them, but they will make you laugh with their outrageous plans and crazy antics. I really could not stand the main character's parents, though. Oh jeez, these parents were like...cliches of idiotic parents that embarrass their children...times 10 thousand. Just wow. Very interesting character study, anyway.I enjoyed how the story was told with lots of scene jumping, magazine style, using the word FLASH like flash photography. I also thought Chuck did a decent job writing a woman's perspective, and he honestly captured the way some extremely superficial women think. There are definitely some inspired parts, and it's very fast paced. The story never got boring for me.


I only read the first 93 pages of this book. I frankly couldn't bring myself to read a page more, nor could I imagine being less sympathetic to a book's characters. Drug-addled, thieving, immoral, moronic transsexuals/transvestites and a physically handicapped and disfigured former model.Perhaps Palahniuk was having a laugh? The story meanders between shallow observations and hints at twisted events in each character's life. While there is something to be learned from everyone's experiences, this story had nothing for me to hold onto. I remember thinking, as three main characters were on a long car trip, that a car crash would put the characters, and the reader, out of their misery.Flash - this book's characters are shallow, stupid, violent, immmoral, selfish and twistedFlash - being put into the lives of thee people feels like punishmentFlash - Life is too short to read this book

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