Monstruos Invisibles/ Invisible Monsters

ISBN: 8497594827
ISBN 13: 9788497594820
By: Chuck Palahniuk

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Reader's Thoughts


I only read the first 93 pages of this book. I frankly couldn't bring myself to read a page more, nor could I imagine being less sympathetic to a book's characters. Drug-addled, thieving, immoral, moronic transsexuals/transvestites and a physically handicapped and disfigured former model.Perhaps Palahniuk was having a laugh? The story meanders between shallow observations and hints at twisted events in each character's life. While there is something to be learned from everyone's experiences, this story had nothing for me to hold onto. I remember thinking, as three main characters were on a long car trip, that a car crash would put the characters, and the reader, out of their misery.Flash - this book's characters are shallow, stupid, violent, immmoral, selfish and twistedFlash - being put into the lives of thee people feels like punishmentFlash - Life is too short to read this book


** spoiler alert ** Didn't knock my f---ing socks off like I was expecting. Maybe because I read it in 2 days and didn't have time to let the crazy soak in. I would still recommend it. Still very clever and nihilistic. It's interesting that Fight Club got tagged as the quintessentially "masculine" nihilism novel, and this one pretends at first to be the "feminine" counterpart. I'd recommend it. But I still recommend Survivor how the most self-destructive thing a woman can do is shoot herself in the face and the most self destructive thing a man can do is trade in his penis for a vagina. Hm.


****DO NOT LOOK THIS UP IN WIKIPEDIA IT GIVES AWAY EVERYTHING I REPEAT DO NOT LOOK IT UP! In fact, don't even read the synopsis, I would just dive right in knowing nothing.****THE START:So far it is pretty good. It says right from the start that you are going to read this book feeling like you are missing things and it's very true. I am having a hard time holding on to any solid plot but am captivated from what I can grasp. It's the same author that wrote Fight Club and it kind of has that same feel where certian things happen and you're like, "wait what just happned, what did I miss?" when in reality you didn't miss anything, nothing has been revealed yet they are just going on in the plot as if you know it already. Only about 1/4 into it...more to follow! (This is a FABULOUS idea ps!) UPDATE:So I am now 3/4 of the way through and it is all(finally!) starting to come together. I feel like I am going to have to re-read it now that I am starting grasp the plot and characters(yes, it really is that confusing!)It's a trip. I have to say I am relieved that it IS starting to make sense. When explaning how ramdom it was to people I used the movie Mulholland Drive to give an example.The thing is, that movie never ended up making any sense(at least to me)so while read I was concerned it was just going to be this artsy "deep" book left up for interpretation that I wasn't cool enough (or drugged up enough)to understand. Don't get me wrong still a very weird book but highly entertaining. I recommend that you read it carefully and try to remember details even if you don't understand it at the time. Almost done! FINALE:WOW! I did NOT see that coming! If you are reading this and are going to now read the book I say again, pay attention! I am going to re-read the book now that I know where all the pieces go! I felt like I was watching a movie with a big black bar going through the middle and now it has been lifted and I want to watch it again. It was good, different, but good! I would have given it 4.5 stars if that was available. Well done! ****I also just read that they are turning this book into a movie to release late this year sweet!

amanda marie

The narrator was once a gorgeous model, now left monstrously disfigured after a messy drive-by. Her jaw was shot off, leaving just her tongue & top row of teeth to show as a trophy for her pain. Quickly, nearly everything she once had (fiance, seemingly wonderful modelling career) is gone. Enter: Brandy Alexander. An amazingly sassy and gorgeous transgender woman, who pushes the narrator (whose name is revealed 3/4 of the way through the novel) to do what scares her most and forget about the past. Then Brandy & the narrator, accompanied by a male friend, go on a road-trip to try to find themselves. Oh yeah, and visit mansions that are up for sale, steal their prescription medication, and then sell it. And pop some for themselves. All the while forming an amazing friendship, and realizing some secrets of their own.As with Palahniuk's other work, there are a few plot twists (or as he refers to call them: hidden guns). Some of them left me so shocked that I had to reread the parragraph just to make sure I wasn't imagining things. Of course, I loved it. I love all of Palahniuk's work. It almost seems like the more and more I read it, the better it becomes.


In Invisible Monsters, Chuck Palahniuk (the master of shock-value fiction) weaves a story that is both quasi-ridiculous and hugely enjoyable. Shannon, the former supermodel who has had half her face blown off, is the perfect narrator, describing the absurdest events as if they happened every day. Palahniuk gives the reader just enough information along the way to make you read as quickly as you can, begging for more and hoping the story will never end. On more than one occasion, I said "Oh my God!" out loud as I read a shocking paragraph.As always, Palahniuk's novel puts a new spin on our notions of beauty, family, and prescription medication. If you're only going to read one Palahniuk novel (although I don't know why you would deny yourself like that), this is the one to read.


My reaction to Invisible Monsters was much the same as my great Aunt Kack’s to Northern Exposure back in the 80’s. She couldn’t believe what “they” were putting on TV, and I can’t believe what “they” are putting in print. And yet, just as my great Aunt Kack could be found in front of the boob tube every Monday night, for the past week or so, I could be found sprawled on my sofa reading Invisible Monsters. When Shannon McFarland’s jawbone is shot off in a drive-by shooting, she winds up in a hospital for an extended stay. On her first venture outside a little boy calls her a monster. Enter Brand Alexander, who takes Shannon under her wing, shows her how to be exotic and mysterious, and to focus on the future instead of the past. They, plus Shannon’s ex-fiancé Seth, set off to find Brandy’s long lost sister. As each of their intertwined stories unfolds they slowly reveal themselves to be utterly reprehensible. But then, none of the characters in the book, right down to the nun who nurses Shannon back to health, has a single redeeming quality between them.This is a train wreck of a novel, with an ending that defies description and leave this librarian speechless.


Quite possibly the most fucked up piece of literature I’ve ever read, this novel is a brilliantly executed train wreck from beginning to end.


Probably my favorite book from Chuck Palahniuk. The story has a couple of surprising twists, all of which literally made my jaw drop on the first read-through. The only negative thing I can say about this is that second and third read-throughs can never be as good as the first read-through.


I'm just going to warn anyone who wants to read this that you have to be very open minded to alternative sexual orientations and lifestyles. Also, you can't have an issue with cussing and mentions of mutilation (intentional or otherwise) are quite frequent. In other words, you would have to be pretty crazy to read this. I pride myself on that. I first heard about the book through the Panic! at the Disco song Time To Dance. Having heard how disturbing the song was, I pretty much thought I knew what to expect. It was still a roller coaster of a book. That being said, it was hilarious. I mean, in that tragic way you can't help but laugh at. The way it jumped around like a magazine meant you didn't even notice a plot twist until two chapters later when a new detail from an old story was revealed. Even when you think you have it all figured out, Shannon jumps to a time and it throws everything you thought you knew out the window. Overall, brilliantly written. I haven't read something so heart wrenching and confusing that I still really wanted to read, and I applaud you Mr.Palahniuk for doing that for me

Danny Robinson

i really actually wanted to give this book a 4 and 1/2 stars just cause it was the book i read while away and alone for 1 and 1/2 years at a boarding school in the middle of nowhere, witrh nowhere to go, etc.... basically i was a bad kid and got shipped off to a middle of nowhere hell pit for a year and a half.i found this book on the ground in the "confiscated" mentors area and tucked it under my shirt to leave with it only to find myself not in hellish reality but living with the crazy, weird, i dunno how to describe characteurs of this book! even if only for a little while, but t his was my first book i ever read to get out of my own mind and sad reality and pretend that everything is gonna be all right. so i read it every month to keep my head sane for the most part while i was at boarding school! omgosh and it when i got of boarding school and realized he had a ton other books, i was just as happy!

Idea Smith

And I finally meet a Chuck Palahniuk book that I don't like. Fight Club set the bar, Snuff exceeded it and now Invisible Monsters brings me crashing down again.The stream-of-consciousness that worked well as a writing technique in Fight Club goes all over the place in this book and gives you a bad headache as you struggle to figure what's being said, who's saying it and if the whole thing is just imagination or nostalgia. Also, the extreme language and ideas that gave us adrenalin rushes in his other books just feels forced and stretched here.I gave up on the book midway and only persisted because this is a writer I'm collecting and want to have read all major books of. The plot drags on in a self-absorbed delirium for the better part of the book and then suddenly ends in a half-assed, too much to be plausible way. It's as if Palahniuk just scribbled a whole lot of random nonsense while under the influence, then woke up with a terrible hangover and a deadline, finished off in whatever he could cull together in the last hour and set it off to be printed.Don't waste your time on Invisible Monsters unless, like me, you have a perverse book deathwish. I guess anybody who enjoys Palahniuk beyond a couple of pages would.


I've been reading this book while wondering if this is the book I'd recommend to someone looking to begin their Chuck Palahniuk experience. Through the rare luxury of a slow day at the hospital, I got to read a lot of it at once, getting through the second half of it today (though the first half of it was read in rather short bursts). I just finished the last 50 pages at Allegro pizza, a UPENN undergraduate hangout, full of people who are all equally convinced that their life is the dominant story, a theme quite pertinent to this book. My memory of some of his other books is a little hazy, as I think I started reading him a full decade ago, but I think this is a good book to start with. His storytelling craft is in top form here, morphing wildly yet transitioning smoothly. Even when you're able to figure out a step ahead of where he's going it doesn't diminish the tale. As usual, it's too dramatic and coincidental to be realistic, but that doesn't make it any less valid. I'm not sure about that last sentence, but I'll stick with it. The other pillar of his writing, startling insight, is less prevalent than in other books, but a ratio that's strong on storyboard is a good way to start. When you're more familiar with him, you'll accept more drastically careening plotlines as the thick cheesy base that supports his spicy pepperoni dollops of 'fuck yeah' truth toppings. He's top 5 American writers. If there's others who should take his place, please introduce them to me.

Bob Milne

This just did not work for me. Maybe I'm not hip enough or cool enough to appreciate it, but it really got on my nerves. The narrator grated on me, the writing style just annoyed me, I was already sick of the moral/social commentary after the first chapter, and I was bored - not even frustrated, just bored - trying to follow the so-called plot. As for the much-touted sex and violence, it felt like he was trying way too hard to shock, simply for the sake of being offensive. Reading this reminded me of listening to a kid who snuck a peak at his dad's porn stash, picked up a few curse words from his older brother, and then tried sharing it all in the most inappropriate places, naively thinking that it's so very clever and amusing.There was nothing exciting or intriguing about it this. Usually, I'll skim ahead a bit, or at least check out the last chapter before condemning a book to the DNF shelf, but I just didn't care.

Bri Ana

This was recommended to me as the novel where I would finally *get* Palahniuk. Eminently more readable than "Choke", it still barely skims the surface of identity and falls victim to the author's grinding need to over-establish his particular voice (again, see also: Mark Leyner).Finish-able, but not convincing enough to learn how to correctly spell the author's last name.

Salam Ch

the 4 stars are for the author Chuck Palahniuk!!! a brilliant author that makes u keep reading regardless the sickness and twists of his mutated caracters , like u know that smoking is not good for ur health but u just keep enjoy it!!! not mentioning his writing style that keeps u jumping!! I sooo loved it :-)

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