Moonlight Becomes You

ISBN: 0743484304
ISBN 13: 9780743484305
By: Mary Higgins Clark

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About this book

Newport, Rhode Island: a world of old money, old names, and sinister secrets. Maggie Holloway, a fashion photographer, goes to visit a woman who had once been her stepmother, but when she arrives, the woman is dead, the victim of a violent robbery. Maggie is stunned when she learns that she's the beneficiary of the will - and even more stunned when she recognizes a pattern of murder in Newport society that will lead the killer straight to her.

Reader's Thoughts


I like Mary Higgins Clark. I mostly read her on vacation because she doesn't require much from me, but keeps me well engaged. She has a formula that all her books follow - at least the 15 books of her's that I have read - but that is okay. They are clean and non-graphic, even when dealing with murder, and still manage to build suspense and interest and concern for the characters. I wish more authors would realize that this is not only possible, but also profitable.I really thought I had this one figured out early, but I did not. Clark does a great job of putting credible suspicion on many characters and keeping you wondering till close to the end.(I am reading her books in chronological order, even though they are all stand-alone stories. I'm not including the shorts or compilations. I thought it might be interesting to see if and how her writing changed/developed over time. As far as I can tell, she was pretty much great right out of the gate. But as I have been reading them over quite a bit of time/years, maybe I just haven't seen any changes.)

Vanessa Kay Concon

This is one of the most unforgettable books of Mary Higgins Clark that I ever read so far. Its unforgettable to me for its plot is isaneously written. I said insane but not in a negative way but on the other way around. Can you imagine being buried alive? That’s really incredulous isn’t it? That itself makes me want the story very much.It has been 2 years since I first read the story. I found this book one day and decided to read it for the second time. I remember this book to be full of suspense and very thrilling. I was surprised for it still has the same effect on me the first time I have read it. I forgot the whole detail and too bad ‘coz I couldn't even remember who the bad guy was.Visit online book review site to read more.


I like books like this when I'm in a mood for reading a light easy book. Moonlight Becomes you taught me about the custom of putting a breathing tube from the casket to a bell attached to the finger of the buried person. People were afraid of being buried a live. The bell tied to the finger was a way for a person to signal he or she was still a live. Someone would patrol the grave for a week after the burial. The murderer in this book, added a bell to the graves of the people that were murdered. The last victim was buried alive in an antique coffin.I listen to audiobooks at night to put myself to sleep. This is a book I have listened to before, so I can go to sleep to it.

Paula Mcgrath

Meh. Shallow characterization, but good mystery. I kept reading because it was a page turner but my heart wasn't in it - nothing worse than a whodunnit when you don't really care who did it.

Alissa Cook

This book was good, but not GREAT like I'm used to getting from Ms. Clark.. I enjoyed it somewhat, but also in a way was disappointed. If you're a fan of MHC, you should still probably pick this one up, but if you've got others that you're thinking of reading first, then do it. You won't be disappointed thinking "Man that was so good I should have read it sooner!" nah, this one ain't like that at all. My biggest problem with the book was that the plot line progressed so terribly slow that I caught myself thinking "Damn, ok, look how many pages I've read... When is something going to happen already?!?!" and other reviewers that said MHC didn't go too deep with character backgrounds were right.. You really don't know much about anyone in the book, especially the main character.. You get to know the most about the culprit, but even still, that's not until the very end of the book when you find out who he/she is.. (btw.. I was right! LOL I caught on to him/her! LOL!) bur this lack of detailing about the characters didn't bother me all that much, but I am mentioning it because I know it will upset others out there. So, when you finally get around to this one, I hope you enjoy it. :-)


So this is the first Mary Higgins Clark book that I have read. My first question is, where did the title come from? I totally thought this was going to be a romance (actually not even sure where the book came from, just found it on my shelf). But anyways, it's not a romance, it's a mystery. And I found it average, it took me quite awhile to get into it.Maggie has just been reunited with her beloved step-mother who went out of her life at an early age when her father and Nuala divorced. Tragically, just as they were reuniting, Nuala is found dead on the eve of her dinner party. As the sole heir to Nuala's estate, Maggie sticks behind in the town to tie up some loose ends, and visit some of Nuala's friends for her. It's during this time that she begins to become suspicious about Nuala's murder and some of the things that are happening at a retirement home nearby. But her snooping around could cause some issues as well as most people like to keep their secrets hidden.Maggie's an ok character. I found her a bit distant and while she's supposed to be that way, it resulted in me not really caring that much about her character. In fact, it took me almost until the end of the book to really warm up to her, and even then I think it was the suspense more than actually liking her. There's a revolving cast of men in her life as well and while they're easy to keep track of; they also aren't really that developed as character. Especially Earl Bateman, a professor with an unusual hobby. He just felt a bit unneeded. And while the bad guy was unexpected I wish there would have been more clues leading up to showing who it was throughout the whole book.This was definitely a mystery, and as said before while there were some clues, there wasn't enough that I really could make an educated guess on who the killer was until close to the end. Maybe someone else caught something, but I like solving puzzles and this one just didn't lend itself to showing clues. Otherwise the writing was descriptive and you could tell that Clark thought about her setting quite a bit, especially the details of the retirement home. It sounded quite posh to me. There wasn't really romance, Maggie has a few suitors that stop by to see her, despite her coldness to them, but as far as a fully developed romance, that's not something to expect, even with the title. The pace is very slow in the beginning and it was hard to get into the book, especially with not really caring about what happened to Maggie, but about two thirds of the way in it started getting interesting and finally captured my attention.An ok book, I can't say that I'll seek out any books by Clark, but if more magically appear on my bookshelf like this one did, I'll probably read it.Moonlight Becomes YouCopyright 1996255 pagesReview by M. Reynard 2012More of my reviews can be found at


Angaben zum Buch“Mondlicht steht dir gut“ wurde von Mary Higgins Clark geschrieben und ist 1998 im Heyne Verlag erschienem. Das Buch hat 350 Seiten. Das Buch ist ein Kimi in dem es um Liebe und Gewalt geht. '“ Mondlicht steht dir gut“ ist als Einzelbuch erschienen.InhaltsangabeMaggie Holloway ist Fotografin und trifft auf einer Pary von ihrem Bekannten Liam ihre Stiefmutter Nuala Moore wieder. Beide sind so erfreut darüber das sie beschließen Maggie´s Urlaub in Newprt zu verbringen in Nuala´s Haus.Nuala ist feuer und flamme und kann es kaum erwarten bis Maggie bei ihr ist. Zur Feier des Tages lädt sie alle ihre Freunde und Bekannte um 20 Uhr zum Essen ein...Als Maggie kurz nach 20 Uhr vor Nuala´s Haus steht und klingelt ihr aber keiner aufmacht geht sie ums Haus herum an die Küchentür und betritt das Haus. Dort findet sie Nuala tot auf dem Wohnzimmerboden. Sie ist ermordet worden....Maggie beginnt heraus zufinden wer der Täter ist und als noch weitere Freundinnen von Nuala unerwartet sterben oder kurz davor verstorben sind beginnt Maggie den Kampf herraus zu bekommen wer das alles zu verantworten hat. Wenn das nicht Maggie´s letzter Kampf ist...Sprache und StilDas Buch spielt in der Gegendwart und wird in einer chronologischen Reihenfolge erzählt. Das Buch hat viele Dialoge was das lesen einfach macht. Ich würde sagen “Mondlicht steht dir gut“ ist schon für Jugendliche ab 16 Jahren.Meine MeinungDas Buch war genauso wie ich es mir vorgestellt habe, voller Spannung bis zum Schluss. Man weis erst am Ende wer der Täter ist. Das Cover fand ich auch sehr schön mit dem Engel passt perfekt zum Buch. An dem Buch hat mir alles gefallen vorallem das man vor Spannung das Buch nicht aus der Hand legen kann. “Mondlicht steht dir gut“ ist auf jedenfall eine Empfehlung wert. Alle Bücher von Mary Higgins Clark sind der Hammer sie ist und bleibt die Königin des Krimis


I liked the book. It kept me guessing till near the end. I thought I knew near the middle. But I was wrong and I love that about a suspense book.

Lígia Bibliomigalhas

A história demora um bocado a chegar à parte interessante e empolgante e o início é quase banal e aborrecido, prolongando-se por umas quantas páginas a mais do que seria, aparentemente, necessário. Mas, depois, faz algum sentido o que me pareceu "tempo perdido" no início, pois aí foram logo definidos traços das personagens que me conduziram ao longo da história num determinado sentido... e são esses traços das personagens que a autora define no início que alicerçam o mistério e as eventuais surpresas na intriga.Trata-se de uma história com bastantes personagens, o que, por vezes, me chegou a confundir, mas, também isso tem o seu fundamento, e assim se adensa o mistério.Do meio para o final, foi uma leitura típica de um livro de Mary Higgins Clark, ou seja, quase compulsiva para deslindar os fios emaranhados ao longo da história.

Kaycee Sapinoso

Hard to put down. It got me hooked from first page up to the end. Absolutely heart-stopping, breathtaking, and mind boggling read. Mary Higgins Clark has really done it again. After I’ve finished reading the On The Street Where You Live I decided to read another masterpiece from Mary Higgins Clark and I’d say that the author didn't disappoint me. I liked Maggie’s character. She’s one of the fashion world most successful Photographer. She went back to Newport, Rhode Island to visit her step-mother whom she’s very close and who remains one of her fondest childhood memories. But she was devastated and surprised when she found out that Nuala was dead and she left the Victorian house to Maggie. But when another death occurs she discovers there was something wrong. Using her skills as a photographer to aid her in uncovering the secrets hidden on the grave sites, she soon realizes that Nuala's death may not have been a random killing at all but rather part of a diabolical plot conceived by a twisted and unfeeling mind.It kept me guessing who the real killer was. And what I like the most, it seemed real. The author really knows how to frighten us to death.With every twist and turn, I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat. I would recommend to anyone who’s interested in mysteries, murder stories, or just a good book to read.

Leira Murillo

Another must read novel by Ms. Clark. It has been a pleasure to be an avid fan of her works. Thrilling, it kept me guessing from one chapter to another. As expected, the mixture of Ms. Clark's imagination towards the characters was superb but still mysterious. Beginning with Odile Lane, the woman who looked like an empty-brain person and turned out to be easily manipulated, a robot. Earthly desires reigning her heart and mind. Dr. William Lane, the man is full of charm and wisdom behind his imperfections. As I read the pages of his POVs, I felt pity and sorry for him. He had no bad intentions to the residents of the Latham Manor and yet he suffered the punishment. Malcolm Norton, a desperate lawyer who killed himself. It was so sad, I got teary- eyed reading his merciful and hopeless message on his way to the reaper. Same with Dr. Lane, Malcolm had many flaws in his profession but it doesn't make him a bad person. The man who was described by his wife as a perfect example of a 'Ken doll', a metaphor that I came to like in this novel. :) It states that Malcolm is very handsome and attractive yet he was useless, he was just a toy. Janice Norton, Malcolm's wife, the woman who regretted her total affair with her husband. She came up with an idea of revenge, he used Malcolm, deceived him. I could understand that Janice has her needs and vengeance is one, an emotion that could totally push a person to do things they don't want to. Neil Stephens, the lover boy, a man inlove, who once ignored his chance in love. And now he found the perfect time but Maggie Holloway's life is endangered. Will it be too late for him to save Maggie? It's your task to find out. Who is Maggie Holloway and what is her connection with all these people?Dreams and greedy intentions aren't not meant for each other so it will never work out together.''Friendship implies familiarity'' -Nurse Zelda Markey.

Mary Abraham

It was a quick and easy read but a little outdated and unrealistic. The ending was a surprise though - didn't suspect that character at all.It was a nice refresher on how things used to be in the 90's - age before smartphones definitely seem more complicated now. :)

Shawnee Bowlin

"Moonlight Becomes You" provided light entertainment. As a whole, the book was a good read. I enjoyed the many personalities Mary Higgins Clark invented through her connections with them and Maggie. Maggie was endearing, brave, and level-headed. I would have enjoyed more of the development of her relationship after reuniting with Nuala.Now for what I found a stretch: the relationship with Neal. Could've been better thought out! There wasn't enough romance prior to Maggie's scary ordeal (not wanting to give away anything here). The fact that the mystery murderer was unveiled as who it was--not quite a surprise. The connection between said murderer and the owner of Latham Manor was more of a surprise.Otherwise, Clark did a decent job on the story. It was worth reading once.

Michael Matson

A credible who-done-it with a cast of oh-so-rich New England women who are never too busy to stop for a cup of tea. Alas, they are often easy prey for the scoundrels and murderers who surround them. A good read by the author called, "The Queen of Suspense."


I personally loved the story, throughout you get a feel for each of the characters involved, and you understand who they are and what they do. But not only this, the twists throughout leave you interested right until the last page, I found myself unknowingly addicted to this book, as I struggled to put it down.

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