More Natural Cures Revealed

ISBN: 0975599542
ISBN 13: 9780975599549
By: Kevin Trudeau

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2006 Currently Reading Default Hardback Health Medical Non Fiction Nonfiction Self Help To Read

About this book

The United States Federal Trade Commission censored Kevin Trudeau’s firstbook, Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About. That book stillsaved lives. Now, the #1 New York Times bestselling author delivers hisnext blockbuster…. More Natural “Cures” Revealed: Previously CensoredBrand Name Products That Cure Disease. This book:• Explains why drug and food companies hide the truth about how theirproducts can cause disease.• Discusses how the FDA and the FTC are not protecting you, the consumer,and instead protect the profits of large multinational corporations.• Answers Kevin’s critics, sharing story after story about individuals who areusing non-drug and non-surgical natural methods to cure their illnessesand diseases.• Responds to the 20 most commonly asked questions Kevin received in responseto Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About.• Reveals material previously censored by the U.S. Government, includingthe specific product brand names that he believes can prevent, treat, andcure disease.• Reveals brand name products from the list of “do’s and don’ts” in NaturalCures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About.• Includes weight loss truths, health-care basics, insider secrets, and more.

Reader's Thoughts

Brian Bullard

this guy is fucking insane. that alone makes this entertaining.


More things that make you go hmmmm....


Probably the most Horrifying NONFICTION book I've read (am reading, rather)...this book is the Light In The Dark for those looking to get healthier. The section of LINKS alone in the back is a gold mine, worth THOUSANDS in pre-emtpive health-care dollars.The book's one flaw is that too often Trudeau goes off onto "They're All Out To Get Me" Mode, seeking to tear down the FDA and the Health Care Industry (which probably need some tearing down IMHO)...he comes off like nonfiction's version of the band MANOWAR ("F**K all you bast**ds who have tried to stop us on our SACRED RIDE!!!"Still, this book...and those in its genre...are worth their weight in gold.


While I agree that Mr. Trudeau is overly repetitive in this book, I do think he has a legitimate grip against Big Pharmacy and the government. Conspiracy theories aside, it is true we all should be concerned about the way medicine is being practiced in this country. I personally have experienced some of what Kevin is talking about. The current controversy over the use of t4 only drugs versus natural combination medicines to treat thyroid is the perfect example. This book is worth reading.

Alan Hoffman

Like I said, about his other books. Look him up on Wikipedia or google the article on for this guy's shady history. He does a lot of con-artist things. Possibly some good information here, but retreads a lot from his earlier book and is a lot of filler about his battles with the FDA, a situation which he earned because he got involved in pyramid schemes and sold products in a standard snake-oil saleman type of way.Try to get this book or his first out of the library and I would be hesitant about joining the website he plugs. He wants to turn you into a subscriber.(Again, sunlight cures disease? I'm sure a little is good for you - many nutritionists and health practicioners say so - as long as you're careful like the skin doctors suggest. But he makes such broad sweeping statements like this.)I'd look at stuff by Gary Null (who Trudeau references in his first book and discredits in this one) and Andrew Weil as well.

Lindsay Tucker



good information but WAY too conspiracy theory for me


This book in my opinion is a useless ..It is very poorly written ....It is a very long boring book that does not reveal anything secret..The book is of questionable value and all the info in it can be obtained free from a medical website on the world wide web or your local library...


This one is not pulling me in like the first. He talks so much about how every one is out to get him. I just want the information.


This book adds on to the first one Kevin Trudeau wrote. In this book he gives all the information that the government prohibited him from giving in the first book.Thank you, Kevin, for the TRUTH.


This book had some interesting things to learn from and I'm glad I read it, but I don't necessarily believe all of its contents.


Loss a lot of his credibility with his area 51 comments. Very ego driven book.

Mohamed Shedou

Not as good as the first book. Some passages are boring and repetetive. However some chapters and ideas were worth it. This is not a book about health only, it's also about the health system and government corruption. I think more people need to be exposed to such information because many don't have a clue!

Joanne G.

The book could have been condensed to one page of useful information--two, at most. Donated my copy to the public library.


just more of the same of the last book. I absolutely loved the "What They Don't Want You to Know" book.

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