Mouse Mess

ISBN: 0590100483
ISBN 13: 9780590100489
By: Linnea Asplind Riley

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About this book

Internationally acclaimed cut-paper artist Linnea Riley presents the delicious tale of a mouse in search of a snack who create chaos in the kitchen. Young readers will relish the midnight snacks and marvel at the antics of a mouse who loves crumbly cookies and crunchy cornflakes! Full color.

Reader's Thoughts


This little book has been labeled a favorite by both my boys a decade a part. The illustrations are delightful. They are filled with vibrant eye catching color. Told from a "mouse eye" view of the counter top this little mouse proceeds to wreck this house. He makes piles of cornflakes to dive in, and munches on cookies and cheese. He bounces from food to food spilling, diving and nibbling. My son enjoys calling out , "There is the cookie, There is that mouse " page to page. After the mouse destroys the house he calls out "These people need to clean this house!" Causing giggles in my home.I think that mouse would give my boys a run for their money in mess making and that is definitely saying something.

Leslie Stair

CLASS: Toddler Storybook Art ClassBOOK(s): Mouse Mess & Lunch!LINKS:Mouse template can be found here, SHARING:I first read Mouse Mess by Riley then Lunch! by Fleming (you could do only one book if you had less time) during our class and included ASL signs that were food and mess related (I did mouse and a few foods signs and dirty and clean) I also used felt story pieces that I had made based on the book. I put a large felt mouse on the felt board and then passed out color splotches from the book to all the children (you can make more than one of each color used in the book so that all children have a piece to put up) and asked them to bring up their color when I read it in the book and stick it on the mouse to make him dirty. After the story we talked a little about healthy foods-I had cut up veggies for the project that I showed-and we talked about colors a little. I then explained the project briefly and asked the parents to help their child find a mouse drawing and to stand by it to make sure everyone had a spot.Art Activity:For the art activity I had previously traced my mouse template onto large sheets of white paper (11x17 I believe) so there was one for each child. (a photo of the mouse drawing I made is linked above) I decided to do a standing up, vertical project for variety so I had taped the sheets of paper around the room on the walls low enough for kids to reach and I placed the paints and printing materials on a long table in the center of the room. I only used about 4 colors and I had a tray of cut up vegetables (like small bell peppers, carrots, cauliflower, potatoes, etc) and one tray of plastic fruits and vegetables just to have more pattern variations (and in case of any food allergies or issues?). So basically the parents helped to guide the children back and forth between the paper and the center tables to select different “tools” and colors to “make a mess” by printing on the mouse outline. OBSERVATIONS:This was a fun and messy activity that allowed young children to see the image of the mouse in several contexts (story, felt activity, art) and to explore acting out the story in a very simple and fun way while exploring the medium of printmaking and textures as well. Not all children like to get messy so allow them to go at their own pace and have wash clothes ready for those who like to clean up often. It will be a bit chaotic with the walking back and forth and sharing of tools and materials but I think this is an important part of the project for the children and the caregivers to share and to listen to directions. I also think toddlers enjoy moving around while they make art and hanging paper on the wall vertically is a great way to change up an activity that you have done before. NOTES:*Expect this project to be messy! I offer t-shirts to children to put over their clothes if they want to use them but paint will get everywhere. Do not do this project if you don’t want paint on the floor, walls, and each other. Also, you could turn this into a mural or group project by instead drawing one very large mouse on a giant piece of paper or material for all the children to paint together.


For some inexplicable reason, this is one of my son's all-time favourite books. We don't own it, but it is frequently requested from the library.


While, I did not think this book was very interesting, I did think it had excellent rhyming words. Most of the entire book rhymed and this would be a great book to use in an introduction to rhyming words. I believe the children would also love the pictures.


Cute, fun picture book in which a mouse raids the kitchen after the humans have gone to bed. The mouse makes an awfully big mess as he enjoys his feast. When he's full, he takes a step back, surveys the mess and proclaims, "These people need to clean their house!" The mouse goes to bed without cleaning up his mess -- the way a real mouse would!But cleaning up your own messes isn't the message here. In fact, this isn't a book with a message any heavier than "food can be fun!" Simple, lively rhyming text (my daughter especially loves: "Crackle-sweep, he rakes corn flakes / then jumps into the pile he makes!") and bold, cut-paper pictures make this a great book to read aloud to a group of children.

Stephanie Smoot

This book is a story about a very messy mouse that needs to learn to clean up after himself. I would use this in a lesson to teach sequencing.

Kim Browning

This book has great, wonderful pictures and a cute story about a mouse that gets up at night to eat a snack. There is rhyming text that adds interest.


Style of illustrations was fun but not used to full potential.


Ah, the mouse waits till the humans go to bed for the night and then all the food becomes a feast. Loved that the bed for the mouse was a sardine can. Definitely fun illustrations.

Fiona Endsley

This book most definitely has a "how not to behave" moral!


Fun book. Love the illustrations.


This is a funny book about a mouse who makes a big mess without realizing he is doing it. The pictures are made up of large, geometric shapes, so it is good for young children to start to learn how those shapes go together. Also, the story invites dialogic reading and inferences on the part of children to discern what happened.


The adorable and vibrant illustrations and fun to say text makes this a pick for storytime.


cute book with lots of objects & food items.


Can I just say this was Gage's favorite book when he was three? He memorized the book and would read it to us...ahhh memories!

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