Mr. Maxwell’s Mouse

ISBN: 155337486X
ISBN 13: 9781553374862
By: Frank Asch Devin Asch

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About this book

Mr. Maxwell is one contented cat. He has just been promoted. And what better way to celebrate than by going to his favorite restaurant, the Paw and Claw? He decides to live a little and order the house specialty -- a live mouse. When the headwaiter asks if they should kill the mouse, Mr. Maxwell says that isn't necessary. He knows the Paw and Claw's mice are bred for politeness! But this particular live mouse can't keep quiet -- would Mr. Maxwell like to add a little salt? Or order a glass of wine? Would he mind saying a little prayer before eating? My, what a bold and wordy mouse! Mr. Maxwell hopes the mouse doesn't give him indigestion ? Richly illustrated and full of surprises, Mr. Maxwell's Mouse is a David-and-Goliath story with claws, whiskers and tails.

Reader's Thoughts


Mr. Maxwell, a well-to-do cat who was recently promoted at his company, dines regularly at the same restaurant each and every business day. His usual meal (baked mouse) seems too dull for the day, so he springs for a live mouse, served on a bit of toast. The clever mouse worms his way into Mr. Maxwell's doubts and pulls a surprise ending from a seemingly doomed existence.Dark, with browns, greys, and slate-blues dominating the artwork, the illustrations set the stage for wit and a self-effacing survival technique. Best for older readers/listeners.


Great pictures. The story wasn't amusing enough to warrant its macabre-ness.


This is a genuinely strange book. The art is a decadent, hyper-real update on deco, and isn't afraid of showing a drop of blood. The story is like a knowing take on Grimm, prodding at the civilised veneer which overlays brute savagery to form civilisation. There are flickers of dry comedy. It's a great story for kids, but unfortunately the prose itself feels padded; it's not that there are too many pages, but too many words on each page. Toying with his prey at great length is fun for Maxwell, but asks a lot of a kid's staying power. But this is an original, the dark obverse of Asch & Son's Baby Duck's New Friend.

Michelle Mendes Vazquez

Super cute and witty. Loved the illustrations!

Valeria Lucia

My son checked this book out from his school library. He went on to read it on his own until I heard "woah this book is weird. MOM!" I gave it three stars due to the great vocabulary (my 4th grader had to look up more than a few words) and it's amazing illustrations. Docked two stars for it's darkness and far too long talk of wines.


This is a children's book but it is wonderful!


Great illustrations, but for the age group, the story could've been more concise.


I got this from the library for when I babysit next week. It was one of my favorites when I was little. A pretty funny, good book.


A picture book for the older crowd. Illustrations are beautifully dark and the prose, although very proper, is easy to understand. My 4th/5th graders LOVED it!


Clever, but mostly creepy (and not for most children). I think adults would really like it or be really bothered by it.

Christi Brewster

This book has clever conversation (quite "proper") and there is a good twist at the end. All the kids liked it!


One of those books that is cheeky and clever - a page practically devoted to what wine goes with mouse, the art very film noir, and I am sure there is an audience for it. However, the sheer wordiness of it, the cleverness tilted more towards appreciative adults than kid-pleasing, and the bit of gore at the end turned me off. However, I did enjoy the final page, the mouse's note to the cat.


very funny, enjoyable book! Great illustrations as well.

Jordan Jeran

The dialogue in this book was spectacular. It has great potential when read aloud to the listeners. The story was very entertaining and the illustrations were very eye catching. At some points it got a little bogged down with words, but for the most part it was easy to read and understand. I would definitely recommend this book, especially if you dont like cats! (like me)

Cheryl in CC NV

The word that comes to my mind is macabre. The mouse reminds me of trickster heroes like Br'er Rabbit. The level of detail in the dialogue and in the pictures makes it clear that this isn't for little children, so the blood shouldn't come as too much of a shock. Spend a little time with it. Don't expect it to resemble Mooncake at all. I found it intelligent and more than superficially provocative, and if it encourages kids to become vegetarians, more power to them and to Mother Earth.

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