Mrs. Jeepers’ Monster Class Trip (The Adventures Of The Bailey School Kids Super Special, #5)

ISBN: 0439215854
ISBN 13: 9780439215855
By: Debbie Dadey Marcia Thornton Jones John Steven Gurney

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About this book

Mrs. Jeepers takes the class to a geology park for a weekend camping trip. But some of the rocks on the site look suspiciously like monsters, and the staff is strangely rocklike! Could Mrs. Jeepers really bring a canyon full of rock monsters to life? Something strange is going on, and the Bailey School Kids are going to find out what's hit this creepy park.

Reader's Thoughts


The class goes on a field trip to study rocks. Fun as always.


Mrs.Jeepers class went on a trip to learn about rocks.They went to Rock Castle.They found Hodos and rock monsters.I liked when they went swimming. I didn't like when they thought that it wasn't going to be a very good trip. My favorite part was when they found the rock monsters while looking for fossils. They didn't find any fossils. The funniest part was when Eddy stood up on the bus and when Mrs Jeepers rubbed her broach and made him sit down. Auryn7yo


I like the amazing scuipures.



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