Multimedia: Making It Work [With CDROM]

ISBN: 0072230002
ISBN 13: 9780072230000
By: Tay Vaughn

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About this book

Master the building blocks of Web and CD-ROM multimedia. Take advantage of the latest Web, hardware, and software technologies, and produce powerful multimedia. A comprehensive, step-by-step guide to creating effective multimedia, this book explains all about the components and processes, then helps you complete projects from simple boardroom presentations to dynamic corporate CD-ROMs to Web sites that come alive.

Reader's Thoughts

Patria Nanta s



This book is a complete waste of time. Even though the copyright date is 2008, it is terribly outdated. This book focuses way too much on the history of different things (images, computers, web, etc.) and not on actually how to do/create those things.Anyone interested in graphic design should find a book on how to actually use the software programs and skip this one.The author is also extremely biased towards Apple computers, at one point claiming that a PC is not actually a computer. I have nothing against Apple computers, but I would have appreciated a more non-biased point-of-view, not an Apple advertisement.Even the professor hated this book, he only used it because the college made him. He never once discussed the book in class. He gave reading assignments and quizzes on it - nothing more.


Outdated. New technology torwards Multimedia has been created thus making this somewhat irrelavant. Still, very interesting.


nice book

Johnny Kavanagh

This Is an Excellent Book,one that I will be studying again in the near future,overall= Brilliant.


i need to read this book full pages.

Melanie Olson

This book details the technical aspects of instructional design. It provides step-by-step instructions for utilizing fonts, sound, images, animation, video, etc. It also discusses best practices with regard to hardware, software, and multimedia authoring tools. Most importantly, it walks the reader through planning, estimating cost, acquiring content and talent, working with copyrighted information, and finally, testing and preparing for delivery. A must-have guide when learning these various aspects.

Sergius Millet

The author has not mentioned about what type of software's to be used in order to learn Multimedia like Adobe or Autodesk.

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