Murder at the Nightwood Bar (Kate Delafield, #2)

ISBN: 0930044924
ISBN 13: 9780930044923
By: Katherine V. Forrest

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About this book

Kate Delafield investigates the murder of a homeless 19-year-old addict-prostitute, whose battered body is found outside a popular lesbian bar.

Reader's Thoughts


Although I much prefer the Brits for murder mysteries, this was quite servicable. Much less broadly drawn and overwrought than some lesbian fiction tends to be.


See the comments in the Lesbian Mystery Reading Group, found here: Lesbian Mysteries.

Kathleen Hagen

Murder at the Nightwood Bar: a Kate Delafield Mystery, by Catherine V. Forrest, a-minus, Borrowed from National Library Services for the Blind. This is one of the earliest Kate Delafield mysteries. Kate is a detective in the Los Angeles Police Department starting in the 1980’s. Kate is also a lesbian, not very “out” at work. But she and her partner are called to the scene of a murder at the Nightwood Bar, a lesbian bar. A woman has been living in a van on the property, and she is murdered right next to her van with a baseball bat just having returned from a women’s baseball game. Kate and her partner must bridge the distrust of the women, who don’t have reasons to like the police, and they must try to find out why the girl’s family has so little to say about the girl’s murder. This is a very good book, and a wonderful series.


While the themes treated were interesting, I felt the book was quite poorly written.

Gina Barnett

Another good read and murder mystery.Merged review:Not usually into murder mysteries...but this would be an intersting opening to the genre.


It was good and sad but at the end gave you hope.


just re-read this for the umpteenth time and still a great story. Kate knows who she is a female cop who is a lesbian. This is not a coming out story, but a mystery with a lesbian lead.

Leni King

Love Lesbian mysteries and this was one of the best


Like many of the mysteries I've unpacked and raced through when too tired to continue reading academic books or novels that I want to pay close attention to, this doesn't read quite as well today as it did twenty years ago. It wasn't bad, and in the 1980s it had the virtue of being one of not all that many lesbian mystery novels, but overall its main interest lies in its being (now) somewhat of a period piece. The psychology of the various characters, especially the victim's parents, is pretty programmatic and lacking in nuance. Then again, I expect (or at least want) more out of mysteries than I used to. I suppose that at that rate I could reread Heimito von Doderer's Every Man a Murderer, although I'm not sure that's as good as it should be either.


Katherine Forrest is my all time favorite writer of lesbian mysteries. This is the second book in her LAPD homicide detective Kate Delafield series. As I worked my way through this series; I grew in my knowledge of social justice.



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