Nadia (Heirs of Anton, #2)

ISBN: 1593101635
ISBN 13: 9781593101633
By: Susan K. Downs Susan May Warren

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About this book

This second title in the Heirs of Anton series takes place in 1970, when former CIA spy Nadia "Hope" Moore must sneak behind the Iron Curtain, spring her estranged husband from a Russian gulag, and prove to the CIA that Mickey Moore isn't a traitor--at least, not to his country. Mickey has secrets that will save American lives, but a double agent isn't about to let the spy duo escape, even when her well-placed father attempts to help. Will Nadia be able to resurrect a love she thought had died? God is her sole ally, and only He can give her the wisdom to save her husband, her father... and her country.

Reader's Thoughts


It really doesn't matter what the book is about, because I love the title. Fortunately, the story is good also. Its about a spy, who goes back to Russia to rescue her husband who is also a spy. Its the 2nd in a series, so I kind of wish I and recently read the first, but overall its good as a standalone.


My favorite of the series. I think this one had the best story. Sometimes God does just have a plan for us.

Dianne Sidebottom

certainly hooked with the series. Happy to have read from Oksana, Marina, Nadia n now onto Ekaterina. Who is the traitor, n who is Maria?Edward has spent many years looking for Marina because he doesn't believe she died. This had affected his relationship with Nadia with long absences n with Mickey being in Russian camp for 2 yrs. Hope having gone back to USA pregnant n having her daughter which Mickey as the father may or may not know about. Hope wanted her daughter to have both parents as she knew what it was like not having a mother. So she was going to see about freeing Mickey n bring him home.


Book 2 of 4*Wonderful! Love Susan May Warren!

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