Napoleon And Josephine: An Improbable Marriage

ISBN: 0806522615
ISBN 13: 9780806522616
By: Evangeline Bruce

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About this book

Set against the pomp and splendor of prerevolutionary France, Napoleon and Josephine is an enthralling tale of desire, betrayal, and ambition. It chronicles Napoleon's rise to power and ascent to the imperial throne; the first meeting between Napoleon and Josephine; and the subsequent stormy marriage and Josephine's inability to produce an heir, their divorce...and wrenching separation.Drawn from the lovers' private letters and journals, this biography brings to life a tumultuous era and two of history's most fascinating people in a story so compelling, romantic, and compulsively readable it could be fiction.

Reader's Thoughts


too academic, didn't finish


Fine storytelling - kept the reader's interest and moved the history along - but the subjects were uninspiring, selfish, sado-masochistic, infuriating people! I started skimming after the first quarter, just to get the high points and be done. It was definitely not "one of the greatest love stories of all time," as the back pronounced.

Jenny Miles

After reading the Gulland trilogy I've been a little obsessed with Napoleon and Josephine. She suggested this for non-fiction about them. I thought it was an entertaining narrative about a fascinating couple in an amazing time in history. That Napoleon was super crazy.

Courtney Milford

Fabulous, very well-written.


Well researched, easily readable for anyone with interest in the people behind the history


A satisfying glimpse into a fascinating time in French history. I absolutely loved this - it's well-written and contains lots of interesting detail about not just the lives but the environment of both Napoleon and Josephine, from the revolution to Napoleon's last days on Elba. This was not a great love story in the typical sense, and this book gives enough background to enable a little psychological contemplation! The book is intelligent rather than academic, with a comforting amount of footnotes and references so you can have faith that the author is not making things up! This book left me keen to know more about Josephine, and indeed life for the almost-average person during this tumultuous period

Nancy Bielski

I'm barely reading this one, let's just be honest. It lived in my car for so long - David may have read more of it than me....

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